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Submit a Writing Sample to Winghill

Winghill Writing School offers seven comprehensive writing courses. That’s quite a lot of courses, particularly if you’re not sure which is right for you. That’s why our director, Alex Myers, regularly accepts writing sample submissions and replies with her expert course advice. She’ll help you decide which course is best suited to your current skill level and goals. Interested in learning how to submit a writing sample to Winghill? Read on.

Submit a Writing Sample to Winghill

Before you submit, it’s a good idea to understand the seven different offerings from Winghill. They are:

1. Creative Writing

The Creative Writing course is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore different writing styles, lengths, and who want a fully customized learning experience. Your personal tutor – a published author – will provide you with guidance and individualized assignments throughout your course.

2. Novel Writing

The Novel Writing course is an excellent choice for anyone who has a story in mind and wants help with character development, plot, formatting, and anything else novel-related. If you choose this course, your goal should be to finish the course with a novel ready to be published.

3. Romance Writing

This one’s pretty clear! If you’re interested in writing romance stories, novels, or anything else – this is the course for you.

4. Children’s Writing

The Children’s Writing course is designed for the student looking to become a children’s author. Whether you want to focus on creating text for a picture book or want to write a short story for kids, this course will help you achieve your goals.

5. Memoir Writing

The Memoir Writing course offers you the chance to either a) write a memoir or b) write a family history piece. Your tutor will be able to customize your experience and assignments to suit your goals and help you retell the tales you most want told.

6. Writing for Business

The Business Writing course is for those looking to improve their technical and business writing skills.

7. Screenwriting

The Screenwriting course is the newest addition to the Winghill course lineup and will help you prepare a story to pitch for the big screen.


If you’d like help deciding which course is for you, click here to submit a writing sample now.