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Summer Rustic Wedding Ideas

Rustic is a beautiful summer wedding trend

Rustic weddings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re simple, use the beauty of nature to their advantage, and offer a whole host of DIY options. In this post, I’ll be sharing four of my favorite rustic wedding decor ideas and why I like each. I’d love for you to link me to any other pictures you know of in the comments section below so I can keep this post constantly updated!

If you’re a planner or bride with an upcoming rustic wedding, I hope this helps! If you don’t like rustic weddings… well, you probably won’t like the following five pictures all that much.

I love this picture because of its simplicity. The grass, trees, flowers, and white picket fence really let nature work its magic. The simple, natural folding chairs are really all this outdoor venue needs and keep the focus on the bride and groom. If I were to add anything at all, I’d probably do a small bunch of yellow and cream flowers at the end of each row – but nothing more. It’s gorgeous all on its own!

This gorgeous cake takes the rustic theme and adds a pop of color with the true blue pebbles. I love that the cake has been decorated with faux birch tree pieces, and that the base has been made to look like a bird’s nest. Plus, the feather applique is to die for! This particular display would work well for a rustic wedding or a shabby chic wedding.

In this photo, we’re given a glimpse at a sign from an outdoor wedding. Not only would this sign make for an adorable addition to the entryway for the reception, but it’s something that could be easily kept and displayed within the home or backyard for years to come.

Lastly, there’s this cute and theme-fitting sign giving directions. There may be one or two too many arrows, but you get the idea! This is a neat idea for anyone planning a ceremony and reception that have venues near one another. Plus, it would be an incredibly easy and cost efficient DIY!

So, what do you think? Have I forgotten any that I should add? How do you feel about rustic weddings? Let’s discuss in the comments!