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Summer Skin Care Tips from Nathan Johnson

Nathan's tips to keep your skin looking great this summer

With the freezing weather finally behind us, more than just sweaters and snow blowers can be tucked away. As you pull on your thinner summer clothes, be sure to lighten up on your makeup and skincare as well.

In the warmer months, thick cleansers and creams can feel just as heavy as a winter coat would. For better feeling skin, try switching to something light and gentle like Cetaphil. This little powerhouse will cleanse, soften, and gently remove all the excess debris from your skin without stripping all the natural emollients. There is a fine balance between removing the excess and removing too much. You want the skin to retain a healthy amount of oil so you will look young and beautiful without looking oily. It will help keep the skin hydrated, and even and free of pesky breakouts.

In the summer months the skin is naturally oilier. Not only do we produce more oil, but the humidity in the air can seal it into the skin. Your choice of a summer moisturizer is even more important than the cleanser. Unless you are have very dry skin, dense, oil-based moisturizers in the warmer months will lead to clogged pores and excessive oiliness. Active Moist by Dermalogica is one of my all time favorites. The formulation is sheer but very effective. With a combination of silk amino acids and botanical extracts, this super hydrator will keep the skin supple while smoothing the skin’s surface.

When you open your medicine cabinet and put away the thicker moisturizer, store away the heavy foundation as well. Choosing tinted moisturizer in the summer keeps the skin fresh, dewy, and light while evening out the tone and cutting the red. I adore SkinTint FX by Cover FX. The base is a super-lightweight silicone and it is packed with the perfect amount of color and bronzer to make the skin glow with summer illumination. As if that wasn’t good enough, this mulit-tasker tossed in SPF as well as vitamins F, A, C and E to soothe, calm and hydrate the skin.

There is a big difference between dewy glow and slick shine. To keep excess oil at bay, tap De-Slick Mattifying Powder by Urban Decay onto all of your hot spots. This lightweight, oil-absorbing rice powder works equally well over foundation or bare skin. It’s a lifesaver.

A few simple changes in your daily routine will ensure that your face stays cool regardless of the temperature. Don’t worry about storing away your heavier products over the summer, they’ll hold up just fine until the fall.

Put the heavier products away, but don’t worry, they will hold up just fine until the fall.


nathan johnsonWritten by Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson is a film, television, celebrity, and real women’s makeup artist with 18 years experience in the industry. Nathan believes in education and empowerment – his personal mission is to make America more beautiful one woman at a time. He brings product reviews, makeup tips, and personal experience to the QC blog.