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July 23, 2013 9:00 am

Accessory Advice from Leah Harper

Searching for accessories can be a daunting task for any fashion stylist. With so many options and styles, how and what do you choose? We’ve enlisted the help of Leah Harper, blogger behind The Shepherd’s Girl, to dole out some accessory advice.

accessory advice

1. Think about the woman you are styling. Consider her height, stature, build, and personality. Choose things that will fit in with her personality and accent her personal style. It is important that she wears the accessories and they don’t wear her.

2. When choosing items, consider the visual balance of the outfit; necklines play a very significant part in this. The most common necklines are the round-neck and v-neck. It is important that the necklace complements the neckline, as it will flatter the garment and wearer more appropriately. My suggestions are:

-For a round neck, choose a necklace that hangs in a rounded or square fashion.
-For a v-neck choose a y-shaped necklace.

Long necklaces and scarves are also great pieces to add to tunics or tops that require a longer length. They can break up patterns, such as vertical stripes, or add a pop of colour to any outfit. It is also an easy way of opening up a high neckline that can visually “choke” the person and therefore over accentuate the bust. The trick to a longer necklace is it creates a vertical line on the body that draws the eye up and down, creating a slimmer look. A longer necklace creates focus on the entire torso, not just the bust and neck.

3. Next, consider what type of earring would balance the necklace. Wearing a large chunky necklace merits a small earring, or no earring at all. In contrast, a large earring may require only the complement of a cuff bracelet or cocktail ring. I recommend choosing a complementary accessory that is not exact or “matchy”, as it adds more interest and dimension to the outfit. The same goes with shoes and purses; many ladies run around trying to find an exact match. The distance from the shoe to the bag alone shows they do not have to match, as they are too far away from one another. Instead, try a pop of colour. Alternatively, tie in another colour from the outfit to complement the shoe or bag.

4. Accessories can be fun and really add interest to any outfit. Consider, for example, a statement necklace or earring that draws the eye towards the face. I like to mix textures and colours and put them together in unexpected combinations. My personal favourite accessories are large rings and bracelets. I feel naked without them! I also love to wear chunky neckpieces, hats, and vintage clip-ons.

5. The key point to remember when accessorizing is to keep things effortless. Don’t over think it! Choose one or two focal points (max) and stop there. When in doubt, always remember the wise words of Coco Chanel, “When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on”.


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Leah Harper is currently the Manager at Shepherd’s Fashions in the Rideau Centre. She launched their blog in 2011 and continues to inspire her clients and those around her with her edgy fashion forward looks and natural styling abilities. Leah is also a contributor and stylist with EF magazine, a Senior Designer Coordinator for Ottawa Fashion Week and regular on

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