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December 13, 2013 10:00 am

Style Talk: Dealing with Static Cling

static clingStatic cling is my hair’s number one enemy. Every year around this time the heaters turn on full-blast and snuggly sweaters and blankets take over my life. Unfortunately it’s not as dreamy as it sounds. Because this chilly winter air has positively charged my finicky tresses, they spend most of their time in “flyaway mode.” And nothing ruins a great outfit day like hair that stands straight up in the air and clings to absolutely everything.

If static cling has ruined more than a few of your good hair days as well, then try a few of the tricks below to banish it for good.

  1. Grab yourself a dryer sheet! It’s been said many times that quickly running a fresh dryer sheet through your locks can reduce the static buildup. You most likely have a few (or a lot) of these lying around, so throw a couple in your purse for static emergencies.
  2. Use a heavy hair serum or oil. Simply warming up a dime size amount of hair oil in your palms and running it through the ends of your hair can do wonders for keeping your ‘do in check. Just be sure to do this after you’ve dried and styled your hair, or it won’t have the same effect. Body lotion will work as well if you’re in a pinch.
  3. Stop washing your hair. Well, not exactly. Just try waiting a day or two between washes, as this gives your natural oils a chance to tackle the static buildup on their own.
  4. Brush it out. I know it seems like taking a brush to your strands is the exact opposite of what you should be doing, but just give it a chance. Instead of your regular old brush, try running a natural boar bristle brush through your hair from root to tip. The boar bristles are great for picking up the natural oils from your scalp and distributing them throughout the lengths of your hair.
  5. Turn on the humidifier. Adding moisture back into the air in your home will greatly diminish the static buildup on and around you. Turn it on at night while you sleep, and you should see an immediate improvement.


Have you tried any of the above methods for removing static cling? Let us know if you have any other tips to share by leaving us a comment below!