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May 16, 2013 11:31 am

Blog Feature: Toronto Beauty Reviews

Toronto Beauty Reviews is pretty much our one-stop-shop for all news relating to beauty and fashion. Elaine Atkins authors the blog along with some guest contributors, and she has a real knack for staying on top of the latest trends. She shares beauty reviews, news of fashion and beauty events in the Toronto area, and her unique style evolution through engaging blog posts.

Toronto Beauty Reviews

Elaine’s journey to becoming an influential fashion and beauty blogger started in 2010 with the blog Curls and Pearls, where she shared her styling tips for petite ladies. This is how we first came to know her. In our opinion, there aren’t nearly enough bloggers and retailers catering to the petite crowd. So when we find one, we follow them religiously.

Since we were already so in love with her first blog we were so thrilled when Toronto Beauty Reviews launched, a site dedicated to keeping readers up-to-date on the latest beauty and skin care news. We were impressed with her honest and informative product reviews, and she quickly became one of our go-tos. More and more we found ourselves checking in to see what she thought of new products before rushing out to buy them ourselves.

Elaine has since merged Curls and Pearls and Toronto Beauty Reviews into one site. We love that we can now get it all with just one click of the mouse!

At 5’1″ Elaine’s a petite girl herself, and you can also find her sharing her creative and flattering ensembles over at Petite Fashion Blogs. If you’re on the petite side, this chic blogger might just become your new style inspiration. And even if you’re not under 5 foot, we promise you’ll still find something to love!

Petite Fashion Blogs

Toronto Beauty Reviews

It’s hard not to love Toronto Beauty Reviews. Just take a look around, follow Elaine on Pinterest and Twitter, and we promise you’ll be hooked!

…Are you hooked yet?