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May 12, 2013 11:21 am

Let’s Tell Campfire Stories Today

I might be at work today at the QC head office, but I’ve got to admit, my heart is far away at a remote cottage on a lake. That’s got me thinking about my favorite cottage game – eating roasted marshmallows and telling spooky campfire stories. Do you want to help me out? I’ll get started with the first few sentences, and you take it from there. Continue the story in the comment boxes below, and get as creative as you like!

The sun had just dipped below the mountains on the horizon. Immediately, the cabin began to darken and cool down. Violet lit a fire in the wood stove and pulled a blanket around her shoulders as she waited for warmth to chase away the chill from the old rooms. She also waited for Daniel, who said he would make the drive up to meet her that afternoon. Where could he be?

What happens next?