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careers in interior decorating and design

The opportunities for someone interested in a career within the field of interior decorating and design are plentiful. In this post, we’ll go over the different opportunities available to you regarding careers in interior decorating and design.

There are several different paths you may choose to take when considering a career in professional design. The most popular and lucrative choice is to start your own decorating business. As your own boss, you’ll have the greatest level of organizational and creative decision making power. You’ll also be able to choose which projects you take on and which you don’t. Plus, you’ll get to work with your clients face-to-face. When starting your own business, you have a lot to consider – but we outline the process clearly for you within our courses at QC Design School.

A second option would be to work for an existing decorating company or consulting agency. If this is the option you choose, you’ll be an employee of someone else and will have less control than if you were to own your business. Working for someone else, however, does have its perks. For one, you are not liable if something happens to the business. You will also work more set hours and may benefit from other things like vacation time, medical benefits, and not having to pay for your own computer equipment or office space.

Another option would be to take on design work on a part-time basis and continue working at your existing job. This could be a permanent option, and a way to make some supplementary income, or a temporary solution until you build up a large enough client list to start your own business with a little more security.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to incorporate a love for design into your life with a little help from QC. There are many people pursuing successful careers in interior decorating and design, and you could join them. Visit QC Design School today and start your own journey towards success!