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There are a number of things that will happen throughout your big day that your guests will remember. One of the biggest is the food.

Of course the dress, the speeches, and the venue are all memorable as well, but the food is always something that can make or break a wedding.

To make sure you and your guests aren’t left with a bitter taste in your mouth (quite literally), here are our top 9 tips to help you choose the perfect wedding caterer.

How to choose the perfect caterer


If you have a small wedding and expect fewer than 20 people to be there, this might be a feasible option. If you plan to have more though, we suggest hiring a professional wedding caterer. If you are constantly involved with making the food yourself, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your day.

If you do decide to do-it-yourself, the dirty dishes afterward could be a nightmare in themselves.


When choosing a wedding caterer, you need to consider how much it will cost. Although we’re sure you would love to spoil your guests with fine dining, you also need to remember that money doesn’t grow on trees. Getting good value for your money is essential but so is the quality, so negotiate on the price. If you have a budget in mind, see which caterers fall into that category and then see what they offer and whether you can make it cheaper.

Get Your Own Caterer

When you choose a venue, many will offer a catering service as part of the package, but this might not be the best option for your wedding or your budget. Package deals like this will often only cover the basics when it comes to the menu, so look around and find a catering company that’s menu is a bit more adventurous so your guests can dine in style.  A wide and varied menu is much more desirable, especially if you have fussy guests.

What’s on the Menu?

This leads to the menu itself. Like we said, if you are inviting a lot of people it is going to be difficult to please everyone. By opting for a wedding catering company that offers a wide variety on their menu, you have a greater chance of everyone enjoying and remembering their meals.

The Cutlery

From eating your meals to cutting the cake, there is a surprising amount of cutlery and utensils involved in a wedding and you should try to see if the wedding caterers will factor this into their pricing. When finding the perfect company, you might also want to consider whether you would prefer staff to cater to each table as well, or whether you’d prefer your guests to get their own food. You could also have waiters and waitresses to supply your guests with drinks throughout the evening.

The Cake

The cake is one of the most important things to consider. Do you want to get your cake made by a third party or would it be more convenient and affordable to be done by the wedding caterer? Check with your potential caterer to see if they provide a cake service or know of a cake supplier that is credible and affordable.


When considering a wedding caterer, you need to think about their location. Are they local? Will they work at your wedding or will they deliver the food to the venue? If the company is going to deliver the food, you need to consider the quality that it will reach you in. It might be worth opting for one that can operate at your wedding.

Think About References

References and reviews will allow you to sieve through the companies that are worth your while from those that just shouldn’t be given the responsibility of your wedding. Of course, some people can be incredibly fussy, so not all you read or hear is entirely true. If you have a close friend that you trust and they have had a wedding fully catered before, it might be useful to listen to their experience.

A Drink to the Happy Couple

Drinks are another key part of your wedding. You need to decide whether you will be supplying drinks for your guests at their tables or you will be opting for a venue with a bar, or even if your caterers will be supplying this too. This is something you should look into before investing in a venue or a company, as the two will have to work hand-in-hand. The biggest decision is whether you’re going to foot the bill for their alcohol or whether your guests will have to fend for themselves. Once this is decided, you can move forward.


This post was written by Thomas – blogger for Dine with Style