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April 16, 2013 10:50 am

The 6 Most Common Decorating Mistakes

Moving can be a bit overwhelming as a new space can seem like a rather large blank canvas. It can be hard to decide where to start, especially if you’re a decorating novice. As a design school we do see quite a few interior decorating mishaps, and thought we’d share the ones we see most often. Becoming acquainted with the 6 most common decorating mistakes should help you get decorating on a more confident foot!

1. Many of our students who are new to the interior decorating course at first shy away from color and choose rather bland palettes. Don’t get us wrong, it’s fine to paint your walls Snowbell White, but you should try and bring in color through other accents in the space. See for example the room below, where small touches of lavender and bronze help to bring life into this elegant living room.

2. Most beginners will place their furniture lining the walls. When deciding on furniture placement plan to bring couches and end tables about a foot out from each wall – if space allows. You might think this will close in the room but it will actually do the opposite, giving the space a loftier feel. Take the living room below as an example, and imagine how the space would look with the furniture placed right up against the walls. Having the chairs and couch pulled away from the walls make the entire room feel more spacious.

3. More often than not we see a theme get lost or forgotten throughout the decorating process. We can’t stress how important it is to keep a theme going throughout every space, though it needn’t be overly obvious. Just bring touches of the same color in through accents like pillows, curtains, and throws. The living room below is a perfect example; see how the pink in the curtains was mirrored  in the flowers and the coffee table books? The gold table also mirrors the gold curtain rods, all helping to tie the room together and keep it balanced.

4. Starting to decorate from nothing can seem like quite the financial challenge, and many people make the mistake of spending too little at first. When you’re newly decorating it’s important to invest in your key pieces like couches, rugs, and tables. You want your statement pieces to hold up to daily wear and still look good 10 years from now. If you’re looking for unique quality pieces spend the money now so you don’t end up spending double or triple the amount for replacement pieces.

5. Alright, this last one is the most commonly made mistake (that we’ve seen). Placing pictures too high or too low on a wall can make or break the overall balance in a room, and is such an important thing to consider when deciding on picture placement. To ensure a room is kept balanced pictures should be placed at around eye-height. It also helps if all the pictures in one room are all hung in line with each other. Take a look at the room below. See how the subject of the picture would be in the direct line of sight of someone standing? A perfect example of perfect picture placement.

6. Not following QC Design School on Twitter!

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Keep these common decorating mistakes in mind before you begin your next decorating adventure and we’re sure you’ll see great results!