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Why should you choose distance learning event management courses? Here are just a few reasons why taking a distance learning course with QC Event School might be the perfect career move for you.

Learn on your own time

Enroll in distance learning event management coursesWhen you’re learning from home, you are the one who chooses your schedule. You don’t need to commute to a physical campus, and you can work your studies around a busy schedule, free from harsh deadlines and time constraints. QC Event School has students from all walks of life – students looking for a first-time career, mature students looking to switch to a new field, stay-at-home parents who want to run a home business that won’t interfere with family life. No matter where you’re coming from, distance learning works.

Experience hands-on learning

Distance learning does not mean that your assignments will be based on readings and tests alone. Quite the opposite. Your assignments have been designed to have you practicing your new role in event management. You’ll be expected to begin contacting local vendors to begin to build professional relationships. You’ll be asked to tackle realistic case studies to prepare yourself for working with difficult clients. All the work that you complete will be reviewed by a personal tutor who is also a professional event planner. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing well, and be given the tools you need to improve.

Call for help

Just because you’re learning from home does not mean you’re learning alone. QC Event School prides itself on student support, and invites all students to contact the school for assistance (or just to chat about the course, or the industry!) along the way. The dedicated staff of Student Support Specialists is available by phone, email, Facebook, Twitter, and LiveChat – drop them a line!

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