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April 30, 2014 10:00 am

DIY Wedding: Creative Table Numbers!

Table Numbers

I think the best part about doing a DIY wedding is the opportunity to create customized projects that really show off the personality of the couple. For my beach wedding last year, I decided to create DIY table numbers that complemented other beachy elements of my DIY décor. Read on to find out how I created these inexpensive table toppers.

What you’ll need:

– Tolsby frames from Ikea

– Hot glue gun

– An assortment of seashells

– Strands of plastic pearls in different sizes and colors

– Engagement photos

– Super glue

Let’s get crafty!

1. Unscrew the base of the frame and lay it down flat.

2. Arrange the seashells on one side of the frame. I found the best way to do this was to put larger seashells in the corners and then fill in the areas in between.

3. Glue down each shell with your hot glue gun. Don’t be afraid to use lots of glue!

4. Glue down seashells on the other three sides.

5. Use super glue to attach pearls to seashells.

6. Insert engagement photos into the frame.

7. Screw the base back onto the frame.


– If you wish, you can glue seashells to both sides of the frame.

– Consider making an extra frame to display a thank you message for your guests.

– You can spray paint the frames to match your wedding colors.

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March 5, 2014 7:30 am

DIY: Make Your Own Wedding Programs!

DIY Wedding Programs

The cost of wedding stationery can really add up! Just think, not only do you have the wedding invitations, but there’s also save-the-dates, programs, place cards, menus, and table cards. And, some brides choose to print custom bridal shower and bachelorette party invites too! Depending on the size of the wedding and the type of printing, stationery alone can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over $1000!

For my destination wedding last year, this is an area that I knew I could easily save some dough on by harnessing my inner DIY-goddess. So along came my DIY wedding programs!

What you’ll need:

Materials for DIY Wedding Programs– Cardstock for the cover

– Another color of cardstock for the base (try to match your wedding colors)

– Paper in different colors (go with lighter colors here)

– Raffia ribbon

– Hole punch

– Guillotine or ruler and scissors

– Charms (optional)

– Bone folder (optional)


Cover and booklet pages:   5″ H x 4.25″ W

Base:   7.25″ H x 5” W

NB: You can make your programs smaller or larger, or choose an entirely different shape altogether. Just make sure that your base is larger so your border is visible.

Step 1: Design the cover page

Using the dimensions above, I created a simple starfish design on Word that went along with my overall theme. Next, I printed out copies on opalescent cardstock and cut them to size using my guillotine. I decided to make enough programs so that each couple and family got one, plus a few extras.

Step 2: Design booklet pages

I had three pages in my booklet. This is how I organized my content.

Page 1- The Wedding Party

Page 2- Thank You

Page 3- Thinking of You

When I was finished refining my text, I printed out copies of each page and cut them down to size. The booklet pages are the same size as the cover page.

Step 3: Create your base

I used the dimensions above to create my base. I decided to use multiple shades of pink cardstock just to keep things interesting. And again, the colors matched my theme.

Optional Step 4: Score the base

I decided to do this because it creates a nice smooth crease where the base lip folds over the booklet pages. I switched out my blade on my guillotine for the plastic scorer to do this, but you can also use a bone folder and ruler.

Step 5:  Assemble pages and punch holes

Assemble your book and then place the pages on top of your base. Fold the lip over the pages and punch two holes through every page of your program. My holes were about an inch out from each side.

DIY Wedding Programs - Assembly

Step 6: Tie pages together

I used raffia ribbon to tie my pages together. Raffia worked really well for me because it went along with my beachy theme. To top off the bow in the middle, I added a starfish charm. If you use a charm, you’ll want to thread it onto one end of the raffia, position it in the middle, and then tie off a bow.


  1. The guillotine (paper cutter) will be your best friend for the duration of this project. If you don’t have one, take advantage of Michael’s weekly 40% off coupons and go get yourself one!
  2. For my hole-punching, I started with a cutesy heart-shaped punch from Michaels. They don’t cut properly and will leave you screaming for your fiancé’s help. Use a proper hole-punch from an office supply store and save yourself from early-onset arthritis.
  3. Check out ebay for charms. I got 200 starfish charms for $2 with free shipping.


DIY Wedding Program - Completed Version

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