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Are you considering a career as an event coordinator? There are so many reasons to take your place in this growing industry; we’ve put together just a few to see if this job is right for you.

You enjoy working with people

As an event coordinator, you will meet and form relationships with new people each and every day. And it’s not just the clients you’ll be working with. You also need to secure strong relationships with vendors so that you can create a high-quality event on any budget. This job is all about networking.

You don’t like to stay still

This job can be different every single day, and you have to be prepared to change with it. You’ll need to be able to think outside the box and change your techniques based on the needs of the individual client. Are you up for the challenge?

You appreciate good style

As an event coordinator, your clients will expect you to be up-to-date on the latest trends and use them creatively in the events you plan. Think gorgeous color palettes, modern decor, and interesting venues – all tools you’ll need to have in your roster as the coordinator.

You’re flexible, and can think on your feet

Most of your job will be about preparation before the big day comes. However, as the event is taking place, you need to be prepared for any number of things to go wrong. If you’re able to keep a cool head under this kind of pressure, this could definitely be a career for you.

If this sounds like you, then it might be time to take the first steps. Enroll in QC Event School’s Event Planning course and gain all the skills you’ll need to get started in the wonderful world of event coordinating!

At QC Event School, not only are you getting top industry training from a trusted name, but also personal instruction from a professional event planner. We have brought together a team of personal tutors to guide you through your course. After you enroll with QC Event School, we’ll match you with your very own personal tutor who we feel can best help you accomplish your unique goals.professional event planner Heather Hawes is a QC Event School tutor

Your tutor will review all the work that you submit, and provide you with in-depth audio feedback on your assignments. You can access your feedback on your Online Student Center, where you will also find electronic copies of your course guides, course resources such as business forms and templates, and our online career center. Your tutor will let you know what you’ve done well, and what areas you can improve. Whether your goal is to work for an established company or hotel, or to go into business on your own, your tutor is dedicated to helping you achieve that goal. She will draw on her years of industry experience to help you reach your full potential as an event planner. On the right is Heather Hawes, one of our wonderful event tutors.

You will be asked to complete a variety of hands-on assignments to help prepare you for your new career. Assignments such as:

–          Choosing a suitable speaker for a particular event

–          Selecting possible venues for a corporate retreat

–          Finding vendors in your area who could provide catering, photography, stationery, etc

–           Working with case studies to gain practical planning experience

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