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Meet Candice Coppola, QC Event School tutorLast summer, I had the pleasure of stepping into Candice Coppola’s incredible studio in Cheshire, Connecticut. I was absolutely blown away by her beautiful space – from the vibrant purple walls to the sparkling chandeliers. It was all about the details, and I could only imagine how beautiful her weddings must be.

As I interviewed Candice on camera for our brand new Event Décor course, all I could think was – This girl knows her stuff! Before the day was done, she had planned my dream wedding from start to finish. I watched her put together a gorgeous place setting in a matter of minutes. Candice lives and breathes weddings and events, and she approaches them all with passion and, most importantly, style.

We’re so pleased to welcome Candice to the QC community as a tutor for our event décor course. Below, we interviewed Candice on her business, her brand, and her trend predictions. Read on to learn all about Candice!



How would you describe your brand? How did you go about creating a strong, unique brand?

Jubilee Events is all about creating fun, innovative, and beautiful parties! We believe that the experience that you have while planning your party should be just as fun and exciting as the party itself! Our brand definitely has a feminine edge and we are known for producing events in a variety of eclectic styles. My personal style is very feminine infused with a little punch, and so that tends to translate itself into our event design. The best way to create a strong and unique brand is to stay true to your own vision and style—like minded clients will connect with you because they identify it with their own style. To me, that produces the best relationship.

How did you come up with the name Jubilee Events?

Interestingly enough, I spent a few days during the beginning of building my business plan jotting down names. I wanted something that was exciting and felt ‘right’ with my personality and the brand I was building. Jubilee means “a season or an occasion of joyful celebration,” and those are the kinds of events we produce!

Your business has grown so much since you opened in 2007. What have been some of the most exciting changes you’ve seen so far?

The evolution of our brand has been really exciting! We are launching a new website shortly and a refreshed logo. I have to say, the launch of our book, The White Dress in Color — Inspirations for the Modern Bride has also been a huge success for our business. In 2007 I could have never envisioned that the company and body of work would be where it is today!

Many of our students have the goal of opening their own event planning businesses. What’s the best advice you can give an aspiring event and wedding planner?

Take your time. Do your research. Build a solid business plan. Most of all, take your time. Don’t rush. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your business won’t be, either.

Your new book, The White Dress in Color, is absolutely stunning! Why did you decide to write a book, and how has it impacted your business?

I wrote the book alongside my two co-authors Beth Champan (our fashion stylist for the book) and Carla Ten Eyck (the photographer for the book). The three of us had been collaborating on inspirational photoshoots for many years, which were featured in various publications both online and in print. We really loved getting together and creating environments— there is a magic that happens between the three of us— and it occurred to us that these shoots are only seen for a short period of time. We loved the images so much— and the inspiration within them was still current and relevant— so we decided that we were going to venture into the process of writing a coffee table book. It was a long, fun, and interesting road in putting together a pitch for a publisher, finding the right publisher, and then producing the content, but we are so proud of the results!

What wedding trends do you predict we’ll see more of in 2014?

There are so many trends “trending” right now with event design but one thing remains— personalization. I’m talking more than just a monogram on cocktail napkins and a wedding cake inspired by your gown. We get excited about infusing into a wedding or event the personal touches that define a couple or client— their favorite food but in miniature form, their favorite cocktails scaled down and paired with passed hors d’oeuvres, dinner served on a china pattern that is significant to the bride’s family, a wedding inspired by a couple’s trip to France… the list really goes on. Pantone always has influence in color when it comes to weddings, so I envision Radiant Orchid being a popular color for 2014 and 2015. Couples are also choosing to get married at home rather than in a hotel or wedding venue— and that kind of personalization has become very important to our clients!

What does the future hold for Candice Coppola and Jubilee Events?

Our business is still continuing to grow as we work on our second coffee table book and launch a destination event planning and design brand— bringing “A Jubilee Event” to anywhere in the world, mainly focused on the Caribbean Islands!

Make sure to check out Candice online, too!

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Tennessee BBQ Rehearsal Dinner

Photography by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

A gorgeous rehearsal dinner venue, by Candice CoppolaPlace setting with sunflowers, by Candice Coppola of Jubilee EventsGreat Gatsby-Inspired Wedding

Photography by Carla Ten Eyck Photography

A Great Gatsby inspired wedding, by Candice Coppola of Jubilee EventsPurple and gold at this Gatsby-inspired weddingA Great Gatsby-inspired wedding, by Candice Coppola

Launch Party for The White Dress in Color

Photography by Allan Zepeda Photography

Book launch for the White Dress in ColorBook launch for the White Dress in ColorBook launch for The White Dress in Color

Candice brings her expertise to the QC Event Decor course. For more information on the course, click here!


July 16, 2013 1:29 pm

Party Planning Décor Ideas

summer bbq

With summer upon us, backyards, BBQs, and cottages come a calling. It’s a perfect time to throw a bash for friends and family! Whether it’s a few people over for a Friday night soiree or something bigger, it’s always fun to throw in a few nice touches that make the event a little more special.

Here are some easy suggestions that won’t take you hours of planning or prepping:

Instead of setting up a basic dessert or food table, dress it up a little. Add some balloons – you can tie them from a piece of string above, stick them with tape to a wall behind the table, or have them filled with helium.

See the image at

Like balloons, streamers can be a really inexpensive decoration but don’t have to look juvenile. Choose a few colors and twist them for a backdrop, or use them to line tables.

See the image at

Pick up some colorful serving dishes or trays (plastic ones are a great a buy!), and use glass vessels to hold small snacks. Even chopped veggies can look special if you lay them out nicely! You can even add little notecards to identify what food is what – making everything look a little more formal.

See the image at

These sweet striped straws make any drink seem a little sweeter. You can find them online (try etsy), or at some craft stores.

See the image at
See the image at

Adding some flowers to your tables will make it feel more special. Buy some loose flowers (no need to buy expensive pre-made bouquets!), and put a few stems in a bunch of small vases. Don’t have many vases on hand? Use mason jars, old tea tins or food tins, wine bottles, mugs, or grab some small glass jars from the thrift store before your do.

See the image at
See the image at

Happy party planning!

Gemma Bonham-CarterWritten by Gemma Bonham-Carter
The Sweetest Digs

Gemma Bonham-Carter has made it her mission to DIY her house into a stylishly decorated home, one project at a time. She believes that good design doesn’t have to break the bank. You’ll find her posts focus on reusing pre-loved items in surprising ways to create something new and exciting.


Ceiling Decorations

When it comes to ceiling decor, even the simplest touch can easily leave your guests looking up in wonder. Ceiling decor adds height and drama to any event, and makes it seem as though you’ve broken the laws of gravity. By paying some extra attention to the ceiling, you’ll really go above and beyond as an event planner.

We are just loving these balloons turned picture holders as lovely event decor, and the photos add such a special touch (not to mention a great conversation starter). This idea would work well for an office party, anniversary celebration, or bachelorette party. Pick balloons with a pop of color for an added touch.

If you’re working with a narrow table, you don’t have much room for centerpieces. That’s why you should consider pulling the centerpieces up into the air, and hanging them from the ceiling! You’ll have more space on the table for important things, like food, and your guests will easily be able to see and interact with one another across the way. Something simple like these mason jars, wildflowers, and votives are the perfect touch.

Dining under a canopy of flowers – can there be anything better? This is an excellent way to have the comforts of an indoor setting with the atmosphere of an outdoor garden. The pink orchids in this photo really bring elegance to the entire setting, although this look could easily be achieved with any gorgeous flower.

These cute little floating paper hearts are so whimsical, they would be just perfect at an event like an engagement party or a child’s birthday party. The hearts could be swapped for any suitable shape, and are oh-so easy to do-it-yourself. Hang the strings just a bit lower to give guests the perfect photo-op – a fun feature they’re sure to enjoy.