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October 20, 2013 2:08 pm

The Very Latest Fall Wedding Trends

Fall weddings can be wonderful. The colors of nature make a beautiful backdrop for photos, and the food is amazing. To top it all off, we’re seeing some truly lovely trends emerging this fall that we wanted to share with you. We really hope these ones stick around for a while!

Colors: Jewel and earth tones

Fall color scheme

We can’t stress this enough – just because you’re planning a fall wedding doesn’t mean you need to decorate in the colors of autumn leaves! This season is all about pairing rich, saturated jewel tones with the more traditional earthy shades. Emerald green continues to be the it color, as well as deep magenta, rich oranges and reds, and deep purples. Combine these dark colors with subtler tones like cream, ivory, or beige to create some depth in your color scheme.

Flowers: Full blooms

Wedding flowers for fall

This summer, wildflowers were a big trend. Where that focused on creating a bouquet or arrangement filled with smaller, wispy flowers, this fall is all about the big blooms. The look is fresh from the garden, and many of summer’s most popular flowers are sticking around to fill these bouquets, too (we’re looking at you, garden roses!). Other popular flowers are dahlias, peonies, and chrysanthemums. In addition, a lot of non-floral elements are being used to fill the gaps, like feathers, wheat, barley, and gems.

Decor: Fruit and greenery

Decor trends for fall weddings

Outside, the fall harvest is in full swing. Why not bring some of that goodness in to decorate the space? This season, decorating with seasonal fruit and greenery is getting popular. You can use so much more than just pumpkins! Use fresh, hearty fruits and vegetables like fig, persimmon, kale, and artichoke to add richness to the decor. Add garland swags to the chair backs, or table runners made from moss.

Play off the natural beauty of this decor with soft candles in mercury glass. Choose flameless candles to make sure they last the night! Vintage accessories will keep the whole scene looking rustic and autumnal.

Cakes: Bare and elegant

Try a bare cake for your fall wedding

This season, cakes are getting simplified. We’ve been seeing a lot of fondant-less ivory cakes decorated only with textured buttercream, and maybe some fresh flowers. Gold accents are also making an appearance for that extra touch of glam. To push it even further, some cakes are being left completely bare, like the one above without any icing at all! The traditional round shape is also giving way to the oval, or more geometric shapes like hexagons.

Food: Fresh from the farm

Farm fresh food for an autumn wedding

Autumn is harvest time, and that means a wide range of fresh, local foods are readily available. Wedding planners are taking advantage of that – a big trend this season is local, organic food. This fall is all about miniature versions of comfort food (like gourmet sliders). That means more courses and more variety, a trend that we are totally okay with. When it comes to drinks, the fruity summer cocktails are out in favor of ciders and pumpkin beer.

What’s your favorite fall wedding trend? Let us know in a comment!