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October 31, 2013 3:15 pm

Job Opportunities for Fashion Stylists

Fashion is an extremely versatile career path – the possibilities are endless! With your interest, work experience, and career training, there can be so many work opportunities available to you. Take a look at the following video, where our resident fashion expert Tylar Schweickert (of Ty Style Me) explains the job opportunities for fashion stylists. Keep reading the post! After the video, we break down exactly what you can expect in each of these career paths.

1. Personal stylist

As a personal stylist, you’ll coach your clients about the fashion and accessory choices that best work for them. This position can also be called a wardrobe consultant or a personal shopper.

Duties include: Finding new clients; client consultations; creating a wardrobe plan; and making fashion recommendations. You might also purchase items in the new wardrobe and get rid of any items from the existing wardrobe that aren’t working well. You’ll also educate your client on how to maintain this new image in the future.

Job opportunities: Retailers; production studios (in television or movies); self-employment.

2. Fashion blogger

As a fashion blogger, you’ll produce regular online content and deliver it in a unique and personal tone.

Duties include: Developing and planning your internet presence; create unique content, including text, images, and possibly video; respond to blog comments and emails; research, write, and edit blog posts; promote blog posts using social media.

Job opportunities: Many blogs start out as a hobby, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have professional benefits. As a successful blogger, you could be contacted from major companies to write sponsored posts. As well, the online presence you create on your blog can help you break further into the fashion industry.

3. Fashion merchandiser

As a fashion merchandiser, you’ll work in the retail industry to create the store’s ambience and ensure all products embody the store’s brand. You’ll work closely with buyers, and in some cases may be in charge of buying.

Duties include: Communicating with the sales team; planning the upcoming season; purchase merchandise that fits the brand; creating visual designs.

Job opportunities: Mainly large retail department stores and independent boutiques, although a fashion merchandiser could also find opportunities in the growing online retail market.

4. Retail sales associate

As a sales associate, you’ll work closely with customers to select outfits that suit their needs.

Duties include: Creating solid customer relationships; assisting customers with choices; providing product knowledge; operating cash register; manage inventory; stock shelves; maintain visual appearance of the store

Job opportunities: If you’re interested in moving up in the fashion world, starting as a sales associate is a great place to learn about the industry. Opportunities are available in any major department store and smaller independent boutique.

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April 23, 2013 11:30 am

Packing in a Pinch with Jessie Holeva

In our upcoming Personal Styling course, you’ll find articles from Jessie Holeva of as well as some of our other favorite international style bloggers. To give you a sneak peek at what you can expect, we’re sharing Jessie’s stylish, smart, and travel-savvy article with you here on the blog. Read on to hear what she has to say about packing in a pinch, and to learn more about our favorite Philadelphia blogger. – QC


Think of packing as a fashion challenge. Each piece is hand-selected for your trip and strategy is definitely required. The three challenges you face are:


Whatever the season, be sure to check out what the weather will be where you’re traveling. It’s hard to look your best when shivering or sweltering. Think weather appropriate. You can’t go wrong with layers, and something like a motorcycle leather jacket adds function, style, and can go with jeans or a frilly frock. Scarves are an excellent addition, work well for travel, and can accessorize your look. You can use a scarf as a blanket on a chilly flight, tie into a turban or even wrap and belt one to create a unique skirt.


Every destination calls for different wardrobe pieces. For example, what you’ll bring to a wedding will be much different than on a spring break. Ask yourself what you’re planning to do while away from home and think of how many outfits you’ll need. From there, think about the style and function needed within each outfit. A wedding calls for cocktail attire, so think little black dress, some jewels, and heels. Touring a city requires more comfort, and jeans, a tee, and a jacket will work with a cute pair of flats. Keeping in mind which pieces can overlap and be used in more looks is also a helpful practice. For example, you can use the clutch from the wedding as your wallet for sightseeing and the heels can be added to your casual look for a dinner date.


Clothes wrinkle. Some fabrics just do not travel well, while other items just don’t always offer a ton of mileage. Those sparkly heels may look great with your cocktail dress, but will they work for morning brunch? Probably not, so really think about versatility. A pair of dark-washed boyfriend jeans can go with a button-down blouse for daytime sightseeing, plus you can cuff them, add heels and layer on some bling for a night out.

Some Stylish Packing Suggestions…

1.Roll clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles.
2. Use your hotel hair dryer to freshen up garments. A little hot air goes a long way with wrinkle release!
3. Play dress up before you start packing. The more outfits you come up with using the few pieces you pack will ease your mind and excite you to wear the looks you’ve created.
4. Overload accessories. Jewellery is small, easy to pack, and can change up a look with ease.
5. Save the samples you collect while traveling! Those mini shampoos and other free samples are perfect for packing.

Meet Jessie Holeva, Blogger behind Trend Hungry.comJessie Holeva Trend Hungry

Always abreast of the latest trends, she does the digging so you can score the deals. As a nationally recognized, budget-fashion expert and the founder of, Jessie’s made a name for herself with her effervescent attitude and on-point style advice. Frequently on various TV shows, she thrives on helping real women with real budgets find their style.

This bubbly, yet carefree fashionista may be obsessed with fung shui and positive thinking, but owes much of her success to hardwork, dedication, and a daily candy bar to fuel her fashion fire. She’s had the pleasure of working with various fashion companies such as Shopbop, South Moon Under, Little Black Bag, and currently blogs for Simon Malls as their King of Prussia Style Setter.

A former radio DJ turned fashion aficionado, Jessie takes her trendy, not spendy approach to the airwaves with her weekly syndicated trend forecast “Trend Hungry Tuesday,” that can be heard on various radio stations including New York’s WPLJ.

Jessie’s skinny-budget style has landed her in The Wall Street Journal, SheKnows, eHow, Gal Time, and on Nicole Miller’s Blog Nicole Daily to name a few.
A serial-entrepreneur in the making, Jessie is heavily involved in the blog community and founded an elite network for fashion & beauty bloggers in Philadelphia called Philly FABB. She’s shared her blog insight with the NEPA Blog Conference, Independent Fashion Bloggers, and Social Times.



March 6, 2013 3:24 pm

How To Become a fashion stylist

We are so excited to announce the upcoming launch of our newest course in Personal Styling. If you’ve ever wanted to become a fashion stylist, now is the time. Our online course will have you studying from e-books, DVDs, and completing hands on assignments. You’ll submit them to your Style Mentor – a professional and established fashion stylist.personal styling course

You’ll learn about topics such as working with body types, maternity styling, bridal styling, fashion over forty, second hand shopping, styling for men, and more. We’ll also provide you with the business savvy you’ll need to succeed. You’ll learn all about topics such as networking, how to network online, how to use social media for your business, marketing, promotion, and more. We teach it all.

You’ll also be learning from NYC fashion stylist, Alison Stewart of She’s styled for endless print and ad campaigns, worked with celebrities, and has a roster of editorial and personal styling projects that will inspire you. Alison is actually one of the style mentors, too, so you may even be paired with her when you enroll. Your Style Mentor will provide you with audio feedback on each assignment you complete so you can move forward with confidence and keep improving all through the course.

Click here to learn more now. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, the QC Style Report, so you never miss an update from our style HQ.