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Chinese for “wind” and “water,” Feng Shui applies concepts from nature to our man made world. Carefully using the ancient principles of feng shui can bring harmony and balance to any home or office space. If it’s not something you’re already familiar with it can be hard to grasp exactly how and why this done. It’s always helpful (and fun!) to read feng shui articles, so we’ve put together a list of our 3 favorite Feng Shui blogs for you to peruse!

Feng Shui Articles

This blog is written by Laurie Bornstein, a life coach and feng shui enthusiast. She has been studying the art of feng shui for over 17 years and has accomplished a great deal in that time. Among other things she is an Advanced Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui and is the CEO of the International Feng Shui Guild. Impressed? Us too. Don’t forget to check Laurie out on Pinterest and Twitter as well!

Feng Shui Articles

The mastermind behind The Tao of Dana is Dana Claudat, and she’s created a colorful blog dedicated to bringing balance, beauty, happiness, and prosperity to the world. Her posts are nothing less than inspiring, and we could easily spend hours taking in all that her site has to offer. If you like her site, you’ll love her YouTube channel. Check it out!

Feng Shui ArticlesInfuse your Spirit is written by Jamie Barrett, author of the best-selling book Feng Shui Your Life. Jamie has an incredible roster of accomplishments behind her, like appearing in home-design segments for “The Today Show” and applying the principles of feng shui design to the homes of her distinguished Hollywood clients. She’s excellent at what she does, so get ready to be inspired to feng shui your life!

We love discovering new design blogs. If you’ve come across any with informative and inspiring feng shui articles and share them with us in a comment below!