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April 19, 2013 2:26 pm

Looking for Home Staging Jobs?

Are you looking for home staging jobs? We know it can sometimes be tough to get started in this industry (well, any industry really) and we thought we’d share our top tips for success!

Step 1: Choose a course

Though the field of home staging is not yet regulated (meaning there are no specific educational requirements to work as a home stager) it is quickly growing and becoming more competitive. More and more clients are now looking for professionals with some related past experience. Enrolling in a course like QC Design School’s Home Staging and Redesign course should be your first step. Having that education will give you a sure leg up on the competition.

Step 2: Begin Building a Portfolio

Building up a portfolio will be crucial to your success as potential clients like to see proof of your past experience. It’s a good idea to start building up your portfolio even while you’re still working through your studies in your chosen home staging course. Perhaps you can start off by offering your services at little or no cost to friends and family members who are moving. Those pictures and testimonials will serve as a strong start to a portfolio.

Step 3: Check out your competitors

If you’ve graduated from a course like QC’s than you’ll already have your business and marketing plan prepared. If not, be sure to check out the other competitors in your area. Figure out what you can offer that they don’t, and base your rates off of theirs. You’ll also want to come up with a catchy business name and logo, as that will ensure you leave a lasting impression with all your clients. If you’re getting stuck at this step, maybe think about investing and getting a professional to work with you.

Step 4: Who do you want to work for?

You then need to think about whether you’d like to work for an existing real estate or home staging company or go the self-employed route. Each one has its challenges, and it will be up to you to decide which path is right for you and your career goals. You’ll have to do some research to see how many other professional are already operating in your area.

Here at QC Design School we pride ourselves on the comprehensive training we provide to our students. With business training throughout, our Home Staging and Redesign course will fully prepare you for both the creative and business side of this exciting profession. Let us help prepare you for a variety of home staging jobs. Email us at for more details!