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October 31, 2013 3:15 pm

Job Opportunities for Fashion Stylists

Fashion is an extremely versatile career path – the possibilities are endless! With your interest, work experience, and career training, there can be so many work opportunities available to you. Take a look at the following video, where our resident fashion expert Tylar Schweickert (of Ty Style Me) explains the job opportunities for fashion stylists. Keep reading the post! After the video, we break down exactly what you can expect in each of these career paths.

1. Personal stylist

As a personal stylist, you’ll coach your clients about the fashion and accessory choices that best work for them. This position can also be called a wardrobe consultant or a personal shopper.

Duties include: Finding new clients; client consultations; creating a wardrobe plan; and making fashion recommendations. You might also purchase items in the new wardrobe and get rid of any items from the existing wardrobe that aren’t working well. You’ll also educate your client on how to maintain this new image in the future.

Job opportunities: Retailers; production studios (in television or movies); self-employment.

2. Fashion blogger

As a fashion blogger, you’ll produce regular online content and deliver it in a unique and personal tone.

Duties include: Developing and planning your internet presence; create unique content, including text, images, and possibly video; respond to blog comments and emails; research, write, and edit blog posts; promote blog posts using social media.

Job opportunities: Many blogs start out as a hobby, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have professional benefits. As a successful blogger, you could be contacted from major companies to write sponsored posts. As well, the online presence you create on your blog can help you break further into the fashion industry.

3. Fashion merchandiser

As a fashion merchandiser, you’ll work in the retail industry to create the store’s ambience and ensure all products embody the store’s brand. You’ll work closely with buyers, and in some cases may be in charge of buying.

Duties include: Communicating with the sales team; planning the upcoming season; purchase merchandise that fits the brand; creating visual designs.

Job opportunities: Mainly large retail department stores and independent boutiques, although a fashion merchandiser could also find opportunities in the growing online retail market.

4. Retail sales associate

As a sales associate, you’ll work closely with customers to select outfits that suit their needs.

Duties include: Creating solid customer relationships; assisting customers with choices; providing product knowledge; operating cash register; manage inventory; stock shelves; maintain visual appearance of the store

Job opportunities: If you’re interested in moving up in the fashion world, starting as a sales associate is a great place to learn about the industry. Opportunities are available in any major department store and smaller independent boutique.

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