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January 23, 2014 12:00 am

Essential Kitchen Lighting Tips

Merge practicality and style with these essential kitchen lighting tips and give the heart of your home the attention it deserves. Taking into account the shape and size of your kitchen will allow you to select the most appropriate lighting for your home. Read on for top tips that will breathe new life into your kitchen and bring fresh ideas into your home.

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Put the Spotlight on Preparation Areas

Safety and cleanliness are two of the most important elements to consider in any kitchen so ensure you have adaptable lighting that can illuminate anywhere you may be chopping, dicing and splicing food. Opt for moveable spotlights so you can direct them where appropriate when necessary. Another attractive option is a fixed light above cookers or surfaces, which will minimise the risk of any accidents often associated activities in the kitchen.

Hidden Hazards

Don’t forget those lesser used areas that can accumulate dust and may therefore pose a health risk. Make use of individual spot lights to ensure you don’t miss any spot whilst cleaning and turn the neglected area into a feature with a particularly nifty small appliance or art work.

Lighten up!

If your kitchen has minimal or no natural light you will need a variety of styles. An overhead light will not be sufficient and may only add ambient lighting to your kitchen. Place spotlights below cupboards that hang above surfaces and install wall lights to brighten all dimensions of an otherwise dark kitchen. The ultimate solution for a basement kitchen is recessed downlighting. Space-saving and available in an assortment of styles, downlights can be placed along ceilings to create much-needed illumination.

Functional Can Be Funky

Don’t be afraid to inject your own sense of style into your kitchen. Whether you prefer monochromatic minimalism or pop art cool, let your design ideas flourish with sensational fixed and temporary lighting solutions. You don’t need to live in a stately home to enjoy the beauty of a kitchen chandelier, so if you want a kitchen fit for royalty, select a contemporary, colourful or classic chandelier. One of the most recent innovations in kitchen design is the sensational, illuminated glass shelf. Taking practicality to an entire different level, these translucent shelves are delightfully different and most can even be used in the bathroom.

Lighting Multifunctional Kitchens

If your kitchen is also a dining area, separate the areas using clever lighting ideas. Pendant lights over a table accentuate the area and will bring tasteful illumination to any dinner party. Pendant lights are also ideal for kitchens with high ceilings and are certain to be a talking point with any dinner guest.

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