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A picture of the rack

As an avid magazine reader (who says print is dead?), I amass a lot of magazines – making my coffee table cluttered and making me look like a slob when company comes over. I also never really want to part with them; reading an article I had skipped previously, or referring back to them later on. An Ikea trip soon gave me a bit of needed inspiration to put together this super simple wall-mounted magazine rack.

What you’ll need:
– RIBBA picture ledge
– GRUNDTAL rail, stainless steel
– Drill
– Pencil

Step 1: Place the Picture Ledge

You’ll want to place the RIBBA picture ledge where you want it and make sure it’s level. Once you have it how you want it, take a pencil and use it to mark where the screw-holes are. Remove the ledge and take your drill and drill holes on your markings to make it easier for the drill to put the screw in the wall. You can now re-place the ledge and use the drill to put in your screws, keeping the picture ledge in place.

Step 2: Place the Rail

You’ll want to do the same thing you did with the picture ledge with the rail. Again you’re going to have to place it (I used one of my magazines to stage it to see how it’d look), mark the screw holes with your pencil, and use your drill to make the holes to make the screws go in easier. Screw in the rail, and you’re done!

This is a simple, 20-minute job that makes a big difference! Gotta love when something has style AND function. Did you give it a shot? Did things a little differently? Sound off in the comments and let us know how it turned out.

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