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Makeup Artist Training

Do you need makeup artist training? The answer to that question isn’t always clear-cut. In the past it used to be that an individual only needed a strong desire to work as a professional makeup artist to actually succeed in the field; but these days, the makeup industry is becoming more and more regulated. Though it may not always be necessary to acquire a cosmetology license, it is now widely expected that makeup artists have taken some sort of furthering education past high school. As this is a very creative field having a solid portfolio will speak volumes about the quality of your work, but employers do appreciate seeing that you have some formal education behind you. That is where QC Makeup Academy can help you!

We offer two distinct makeup artistry designations that are designed to fully prepare you to work as a professional in the makeup industry. Do you want to work primarily in the wedding industry? Then our Makeup Artistry course may be for you!  If the film and television industry is where you see yourself excelling, then take a look through our Master Makeup Artistry course. Either path will lead to a successful and long-lived career in the exciting field of makeup artistry.

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