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Do you dream of making a fruitful living as a makeup artist? If so, you’ve probably already started looking into makeup certification. Where working requirements are concerned it’s very important to do the appropriate research, as you want to ensure you’re meeting the regulations for your area. Do you need to be certified? What exactly does that mean? We know that looking for those answers can sometimes be confusing, so we thought we’d help you out!

Makeup CertificationMake-up artists are generally expected to have additional training beyond high school, though the formality of that education will depend on the regulations in the area they live in/plan to work in. Most make-up artists can receive that training through community colleges, professional schools, or certificate programs from specializing schools. Unfortunately it’s difficult to say for certain, as there are countless competing schools all over the world. You will simply need to choose the one that best suits your educational needs and goals.

So before you do anything else, find out what the regulations are (if any) for your area. It’s important to look into this first as it will help you to decide on the appropriate school and/or course. Some areas will require you to have a cosmetology license to work professionally as a makeup artist, while others will merely expect you to hold a certificate.

The difference between cosmetology courses and most certificate programs is this: cosmetology courses mostly deal with hair, skin care and nails, while only briefly going into makeup application. Most makeup certification programs run by specializing school will focus solely on the art of makeup application, providing you with in-depth training and fully preparing you to work as a professional makeup artist. Keep in mind that some regions will require you to hold a cosmetology license even if you only plan on working as a makeup artist.

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