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September 23, 2013 11:21 am

Travel Trends of 2013: Food Tourism

Have you heard? One of 2013’s biggest travel trends is food tourism – a travel experience based entirely around local food and drink. Read on for a brief explanation of this growing trend, and for some tips about how to incorporate it into your services as a travel consultant.

Food tourism is a growing travel trend

What is food tourism?

Food tourism, also known as culinary tourism, is a growing trend in travel that’s happening alongside the foodie trend and local food movement. Food tourists are interested in finding an authentic experience through local food and drink, which helps them better understand and connect to the unique culture of a new place.

It’s not necessary to go to the far reaches of the world to have an authentic culinary tourism experience. A lot of foodies plan for a staycation and enjoy trying out the options in their local restaurants, or surrounding towns and villages.

What does this mean for travel consultants?

As a travel consultant, you can certainly cash in on the food tourism trend. In fact, some food tourism companies are starting to pop up, offering travelers unique trips to food-famous places like Italy, China, and Peru. These specialized tours often incorporate hiking, bicycling, and visits to other important cultural and historic spots of interest.

As a travel agent, you can create your own food-centric travel packages. Just make sure you understand what your clients are looking for. Food tourism is not necessarily about dining in five-star restaurants every night. The true definition of food tourism is taking part in authentic, local flavors. Of course, this will be a lot cheaper than fancy restaurants, but also more difficult for average tourists to find. That’s where your expertise comes in. Get creative! Keep in mind that if they’re interested in eating, they’re probably also interested in how and where food is made. Here are a few places you could put on their tours:

–          Local markets
–          Fruit fields
–          Vineyards
–          Craft Breweries
–          Tea factories

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