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June 1, 2013 9:30 am

Joan Hall Hovey Publishes Again!

Winghill Writing School tutor, Joan Hall Hovey, has published another of her works. This time, it’s a novella called Defective. We are so excited for Joan and want to wish her congratulations from all of us at the school!

Defective tells the story of Melanie Snow, a therapist who was recently involved in a car accident that left her blinded. As she works to re-open her practice, it becomes known that a murderer is on the loose and targeting physically disabled women. As a detective fights to keep Melanie safe, Melanie also decides to start her practice up once again within her basement. When the killer can walk right through her door at anytime, how is she ever truly safe?


Joan Hall Hovey’s latest novella is available now on Amazon. We are truly excited for her and encourage you to download the book! If you have a story in mind and want to get your own work published, you should check out our seven comprehensive writing courses. Who knows, maybe we’ll be congratulating you next!

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