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July 3, 2013 10:11 am

Host an Outdoor Movie Party!

outdoor movie party

Summer to us means sunshine, swimming and outdoor entertaining, and we believe most things are better when done outside. We love hosting and attending backyard BBQ’s, beach weddings, and really anything that involves relaxing poolside!

Today we’re giving tips on how to host an outdoor movie party. This type of soiree is ideal for both adults and children, so keep reading to find out how to pull it all together!

First, you’ll need to find an outdoor space large enough to host in. We recommend a closed off backyard. Next, you’ll need a large screen or white wall. We’ve even seen a heavy white sheet hung from a clothes line and used as a screen. Get creative! Keep in mind you will need to rent or borrow a projector (if you don’t already have your own) and grab a DVD player and some speakers. Et voila! You’re already halfway there.

Now let’s get into the fun little details – choosing food and drink. If you’re hosting an adult soiree opt for fruity cocktails or sangria. Here’s a great recipe. For the kids, opt for a fruit punch. We like this recipe for the little ones. No matter what type of drink you’re serving, try this great idea for keeping bugs away – baking cups turned upside down with a straw punched through. It’s so clever, of course Martha Stewart thought of it first. She also introduced us to the idea of using terracotta pot bases as serving trays. Brilliant. We like the idea of serving light, creative snacks, but it could also be a lot of fun to turn the event into a potluck dinner. You decide!

Now you really only need to think about one more thing, seating. Do you want something a little formal? Or do you want to go with something super simple and layer large blankets over the ground. If you’re going this route, we suggest throwing down a few pillows. Chances are your guests won’t want to sit on the hard ground throughout an hour and a half long movie. We love the idea of rolling up mismatched sheets into a large wicker basket.

Et voila, you’re all set to host an amazing outdoor movie party. Have fun!

Will you be planning an outdoor movie party this summer?