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February 15, 2014 10:00 am

Bathroom Decor – Give it Some Style!

bathroom decorThe bathroom may not be associated with the lush glamour of the bedroom or the social warmth of the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean a bathroom can’t be stylish. In fact, there are countless looks, colors, and attitudes to choose from when it comes to bathroom decor. Start dressing up yours today with some of these easy bathroom remodeling tips.

Go Green

We’ve all heard the phrase “go green” a thousand times, but how can you actually apply it to your bathroom? Use green products, like CFL bulbs instead of incandescent. You can even make green “products” yourself, such as using simple baking soda to scrub stains from your tub, instead of irritating or toxic chemicals. Take the concept in a literal direction by transforming your bathroom into a jungle with plants and flowers, which not only add a splash of gorgeous color, but help to cover any unpleasant odors.

Mix and Match Lighting Levels

Lighting is crucial in any room of your house, and the bathroom is no exception. Instantly boost the appeal of your bathroom by replacing bright, harsh light sources with dim, cozy alternatives, perfect for relaxing baths and showers. Alternately, you might want to consider bright lighting near the sink and mirror, where tasks like shaving and applying makeup require better visibility.  Vanity lights around the bathroom mirror are a fun (and functional) retro touch.

Create the Perfect Palette

Bathrooms offer multiple opportunities to experiment with different color palettes. For minimum financial damage, you can take home matching or contrasting bathmats and shower curtains from any department store. You can also try out different colors of paint on your below-the-sink cabinet doors, or on the frame of your mirror. Cool colors like aqua blue and mint green give a refreshing, nautical feel, while deep shades like ruby red and burnt orange are lush and relaxing, like a day at the spa.

Use Accents

It’s highly likely that your bathroom is largely comprised of some sort of tile. (When was the last time you saw a plush, carpeted bathroom?)  You can dress it up by interspersing a few accent tiles into the normal pattern. You don’t have to go crazy spending – even adding just a handful of accent tiles can disrupt monotony, add character, and draw the eye around the room.

Stock up on Goodies

We don’t normally think of items like body scrub as decorating tools, but in the bathroom, that’s exactly what they can become when utilized creatively. Imagine how different the same tub or shower looks when it’s completely barren, as opposed to stocked with aesthetically pleasing bath accessories – isn’t the latter more inviting? Tastefully arranged candles, incense, bath salts, soaps, and other care products can all radically alter the appearance of your tub or bath, while of course being functional at the same time.

Revitalizing your bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. A few quick and easy tweaks can completely alter the feeling of your space, and transform utilitarian into gorgeous overnight.

About the Author: Shannon Carpino is a writer from Philadelphia on topics such as bathroom renovation, and home remodeling.