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At QC Event School, not only are you getting top industry training from a trusted name, but also personal instruction from a professional event planner. We have brought together a team of personal tutors to guide you through your course. After you enroll with QC Event School, we’ll match you with your very own personal tutor who we feel can best help you accomplish your unique goals.professional event planner Heather Hawes is a QC Event School tutor

Your tutor will review all the work that you submit, and provide you with in-depth audio feedback on your assignments. You can access your feedback on your Online Student Center, where you will also find electronic copies of your course guides, course resources such as business forms and templates, and our online career center. Your tutor will let you know what you’ve done well, and what areas you can improve. Whether your goal is to work for an established company or hotel, or to go into business on your own, your tutor is dedicated to helping you achieve that goal. She will draw on her years of industry experience to help you reach your full potential as an event planner. On the right is Heather Hawes, one of our wonderful event tutors.

You will be asked to complete a variety of hands-on assignments to help prepare you for your new career. Assignments such as:

–          Choosing a suitable speaker for a particular event

–          Selecting possible venues for a corporate retreat

–          Finding vendors in your area who could provide catering, photography, stationery, etc

–           Working with case studies to gain practical planning experience

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