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April 4, 2014 12:00 am

Designing a pet-friendly home

During the economic recession, the pet industry is the only one that didn’t see a decline in sales or revenue.  With doggy daycares, pet spas, animal acupuncture, “barkmitzvahs”… we’re just crazy for our pets!

So how can you decorate a home in style without forgetting about our four-legged friends? It can be tough, but ignoring these furry family members in your design will just result in a litter box in the middle of your newly renovated bathroom, or a dog crate in your beautiful redesigned bedroom.  Luckily, the industry has thought of all you designers out there, and there is a myriad of methods and products to help care for pets without compromising on style!

pet-friendly home

Ditch the Carpet

This is simple common sense. Any dog owner knows what it’s like to end up with Fido’s muddy paw prints on brand new carpeting, or what Rover’s favorite spot looks like while he’s blowing his coat.  A good vacuum and carpet washer can help… but if you’re redesigning anyway, try going for scratch-resistant laminate flooring and machine-washable area rugs.  Then all you need is a good mop (I love my Swiffer WetJet!) and a regular old washing machine.  Job done.

Use Good Furniture Covers

If pet hair on the couch is an issue, there are many furniture covers you can purchase that look great and repel dog/cat hair.  You can purchase these online, or even from the furniture manufacturer in some cases! These are usually machine washable, waterproof, and puncture-resistant which makes them much more effective than the regular old sheet or blanket most of us use.

Of course, if this really is a problem, you can also consider simply training your dog or cat not to go up on the furniture to begin with.

Use Pet Furniture

Instead of having a kitty pillow or doggy blanket on the floor, many pet product lines now sell pet furniture that matches your room’s décor.  A great example is a doggy sofa that can meld into your living room’s colors and themes. This is also a designated spot for Rex to spend his time which can help keep him off your own couch!

Opt for End Table Crates and Litter Boxes

Kind of similar to the pet furniture idea above, you can now get a dog crate or cat litter box that doubles as an end table for your living room or bedroom.  This gives the functionality you need, while saving space and keeping with your décor! Now I’m not a fan of a litter box in the living room or bedroom, but if you’re low on space and are committed to frequent cleaning, you should be fine.

I should mention, the end table crate wouldn’t really work for a large and giant dogs.

Consider Walk-Through Dog Gates

This is specific to dogs. In my experience, cats don’t really see gates as much of an obstacle.

If you want to keep Lassie out of a specific room, most of us will use old fashioned baby gates. Which means we’re constantly jumping over the gate or taking it down and putting it back up, every single time. Although they do the trick, they kind of kill the design of a room, too.

Walk-through gates are made to stay in place and are made in a variety of styles and colors.  These unique gates have a “door” that you can easily and conveniently open/close without having to constantly rely on yoga moves!

These are just a few of my favorites, but there is really no end to creative ways of having a lovely home while keeping a petting zoo around for company.  What are some of your favorite decor tips for a pet-friendly home? Let us know!