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March 14, 2013 4:30 pm

Have You Found Your Perfect Primer?

Any artist who has used primer already knows the drastic difference it makes in the application and longevity of foundation. Since this hidden gem works such wonders on the skin, I found it only fitting to do some investigation into whether other spot-specific primers might garner just as favorable results. Low and behold, I found some amazing products that really can maximize the eyes, lips and lashes. Here are my recommendations for some alternative primers that will definitely make the most of the whole face…but don’t be afraid to experiment and find a favorite of your own.


Disappearing and creasing shadows seem to be a major complaint for most women and makeup artists. A well-formulated primer will lock shadow in place for the entire day. Urban Decay Primer Potion is my go to. This powerhouse makes three promises: 1. Eye shadow that lasts. 2. More vibrant color 3. No creasing. And miracle of miracles, it delivers on all three.

If the smokey eye is a look for you, try Pixi Smoky Eye Primer. The base is dark gray, so when you lay the darker shadows over it, they will blend well and disappear seamlessly into the shaded primer. When lightly laid on the lid, it actually does half of the work for you. It can also be used on its own as a sultry cream shadow.

Under eyes

Concealer loves two things, to look obvious and to crease. The Sue Devitt Microquatic Prime Target Intensive Eye Treatment Primer will prevent both of those unsightly under-eye catastrophes. This multipurpose product is a clear gel that hydrates, reduces puffiness and most importantly, gives concealer something to flawlessly bond to.


If you intend to eat, drink, or even lick your lips, you might as well not even wear lipstick without a primer. The Senna Totally Transforming Lip Primer is perfect for keeping the color on. In addition, it uses peptides to plump and promote health and silicone to fill lines. I sure do love a product that improves the skin while making make up look better!

As a makeup lover and artist, I am always on the hunt for products that will improve wear-ability and make application smoother and more flawless. These products certainly fit the bill.

nathan johnsonWritten by Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson is a film, television, celebrity, and real women’s makeup artist with 18 years experience in the industry. Nathan believes in education and empowerment – his personal mission is to make America more beautiful one woman at a time. He brings product reviews, makeup tips, and personal experience to the QC blog.


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