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June 10, 2013 3:04 pm

The Best Public Art around The World

We love public artwork because, well, they’re public! They don’t require expensive museum fees, and they engage people in a world of imagination that they might not otherwise experience. Not to mention they make for fabulous photo ops, especially for tourists! They can get pretty wacky sometimes, but that’s just another reason why we love them. Take a look at a few of our favorites.

Cloud Gate in Chicago

From artist Anish Kapoor comes this 66-foot long, 33-foot high shape of stainless steel. Business districts of major cities are often full of hard, straight lines, and we love how this sculpture bends the skyline and reflects it back to an amazed public.

Gundam robot, Tokyo

I wouldn’t expect anything less from the robotics capital of the world. This 60-foot tall robotic replica has made appearances in a few different Tokyo locations, and it always draws a crowd.

The Bather, Hamburg

This one is no longer on display in Hamberg’s Binnenalster Lake, but we just had to include it nonetheless. When this 98-foot long sculpture, by Oliver Voss, peeked its head above the water’s surface, it certainly took boaters by surprise.

Digital Orca, Vancouver

From Canadian novelist and artist Douglas Coupland comes this not so typical animal sculpture. Looming over the Vancouver harbor in pixilated glory, this massive whale plays around with viewers’ expectations.

Giant clothespin, Liege, Belgium

Finally, the just plain weird. Built by artist Mehmet Ali Uysal, this giant clothespin seems to be holding up the very ground on which it’s planted. We love it!

Do you have any impressive art in your hometown? Let us know in a comment below!