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Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means food, family, and…fabulous decor! What we love most about Thanksgiving decor is that it’s centered around the dinner table, which evokes feelings of love, warmth, and family. Read on for some of our favorite Thanksgiving decorating ideas!

Have fun with your Thanksgiving decor

The Decor

The best way to quickly change the ambiance of your home is to do the old switcheroo – swap out your light summer cushions and throws for heavier fabrics and darker shades. You’ll add an instant feeling of fall (as well as some warmer textiles to cozy up with!).

Next, add some fresh flowers to brighten things up. Stick to seasonal blooms like sunflowers or chrysanthemums. Take a walk in the fresh autumn air, clip some leaves and twigs along the way, and place them in earthy vases throughout your home. Fill any gaps on the walls or doors with a wreath – if you’re feeling creative, you can impress your friends and relatives with a simple DIY wreath.

The Table

Now that your guests have been wowed by your festive home decor, it’s time for the best part…Thanksgiving dinner! Here are a couple table setting ideas that will wow your guests almost as much as their turkey and stuffing.

Bring the outside in. A few simple touches from nature can easily keep the Thanksgiving vibe going. Think pine cones, birch, acorns, leaves, and wood. Not only are these items inexpensive (or free!), they really create a mood. Glue acorns to your napkin rings, or DIY a placement with some colorful leaves.

Choose deep hues. For your linens, we suggest a deep, saturated shade like plum or peacock blue. They make the table feel oh-so warm and look great against gold accents (like the candlesticks or mercury glass votives that you should definitely use as well).

The Centerpiece

You can go in a lot of different directions when it comes to your Thanksgiving centerpiece, but we’re suckers for the traditional “horn of plenty”. Arrange pumpkins, gourds, corn, pomegranates, flowers, and more so they seem to overflow from the table. This holiday is all about the harvest, after all, so don’t be afraid to celebrate that!

Play around with different heights to create some visual interest – you might need to add some tall candlesticks or pillar candles to get this look. Also for visual interest, add some items in different materials like porcelain, metal, or wood. Don’t be afraid to add your personality when creating your centerpiece! Consider painting your pumpkins to fit the color scheme. White, silver, and gold are popular choices, but you could also go with more modern colors like grey or mint green.


October 30, 2013 12:00 am

How to: Make Your Own DIY Pumpkin Vase

Need some unique, last-minute fall decorations for your mantle or tablescape? Here at QC Design School, we turned an everyday pumpkin into a vase for an autumn bouquet. It’s an easy DIY that incorporates fresh fall materials and looks great! You could use any kind of floral arrangement (mums would look fabulous), but we love how vibrant the colors are in the bouquet below. Read on to do it yourself!


Materials for DIY pumpkin vase

  • One pumpkin. The rounder, the better
  • The floral arrangement of your choice
  • A Tupperware container, small vase, or glass
  • Scissors
  • Pen or pencil
  • A pumpkin carving tool, like a serrated knife

Make your own pumpkin vase this fall

Step 1

Using your container, trace an outline on the top of your pumpkin around the stem. This will be the template for the mouth of your “vase”.

Step 2

Using your serrated knife, carefully carve around the top of your pumpkin.

Step 3

Remove the lid of the pumpkin. For those who are squeamish about pumpkin guts, don’t worry! You can leave them in (unless of course you’d like to roast the seeds!).

Step 4

Place the container inside the hole of the pumpkin. You might need to carve away a bit more of the pumpkin to get a secure fit.

DIY pumpkin vase

Step 5

Trim the ends of your flowers on an angle. This is a good opportunity to get rid of any dead leaves, and pick the best flowers to showcase in your pumpkin vase.

Step 6

Start arranging the flowers in your pumpkin. Play around with the bouquet until it looks good to you. We recommend you add some greenery to fill the gaps, and let some of the flowers hang over the pumpkin to cover the container, if it shows. Finally, add water to the container to give your flowers as long a life as possible!

Pumpkin Vase

There you have it! A homemade, funky pumpkin vase to add some autumn decor to your home or front porch. If you’d like to see our video tutorial, take a look below!

Give it a try, and let us know how you did on the Facebook page!