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May 28, 2013 4:44 am

The Natural Beauty of Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful travel destination

You don’t have to go far in Iceland to come across breathtaking scenes unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. From the Northern Lights to the glaciers and mountain ranges, in Iceland you’ll find beauty, peace, adventure, and culture. Here are the must-see destinations when you visit Iceland.

1. Geysir

This notorious hot spring, pictured above, is where we get our English word geyser. When it erupts, it can send boiling water over 200 feet in the air. Imagine the photos you could take! Unfortunately, its eruptions are a bit unpredictable – you could make the (breathtaking) trip into the Haukadalur Valley and have to wait a few hours to see the spectacle.

2. Gullfoss

Iceland is simply full of incredible sights. A few miles away from Geysir, you’ll find the country’s most famous waterfall, Gullfoss. It’s their most popular tourist attraction for a reason – the water falls an incredible 105 feet into the canyon below. It’s best visited on a sunny day, when the rushing water and mist projects rainbows all throughout the sky.

3. Thingvellir National Park

Just outside of Reykjavik lies this incredible park – situated on a volcanic fissure zone – of both historical and geological importance to the country. It hosts the ruins of the first parliament, dating back to 930 AD, and the park was created in part to preserve this important cultural landmark. It also protects Lake Thingvellir, Iceland’s largest lake. It’s the perfect destination for hikers, fishing enthusiasts, and divers.

4. Vikin Maritime Museum

One of the most fascinating parts of Iceland is its Viking history. Located on the Reykjavik harbor in a former fish freezing plant, this museum is a fascinating journey through Viking history and coastal culture. If you’re going to visit one museum during your stay, this is a great pick.

5. Tjornin

In the center of Reykjavik you’ll find this large, calm lake, the home to over 40 species of birds. It’s a great afternoon excursion for families to feed the ducks and swans, and acts as the central landmark to the city, bordering on many parks, museums, and city hall.

What destination are you dreaming of? Let us know in a comment below!