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There are countless schools for makeup artists out there, and we know how overwhelming it can be to choose one that’s right for you. There are so many things to consider when making this important decision, and you want to be sure nothing is overlooked on the path to your dream career.

Here at QC we pride ourselves on our comprehensive, online courses, and we think our School might be the perfect fit for you!

Schools for makeup artists

We’re Online!

Our courses are designed in a way that allows our students to complete them entirely online. Our interactive Online Student Center gives each student access to a private account. There they have access to downloadable course guides and assignment templates, as well as a forum where they can interact with their fellow students – it’s a great place to connect and get discussions going. We’ve also added a Career Center to the Online Student Center, where we regularly provide and update resources for writing resumes and cover letters, as well as tips for pulling off a perfect interview. Since everything is online, students have the luxury of studying from any place at any time.

Study at Your Own Pace

There are no set deadlines for submitting assignments to the School. Our aim is to make learning convenient, and we encourage each individual student to fit the course into their own schedule in a way that best suits them.  For example, some students are able to complete our Makeup Artistry course in 2-4 months, while others have taken up to three years. We’re not worried about how long it takes you to finish, as long as you’re fully grasping the concepts and producing quality work. We want you to feel fully prepared to enter into the makeup industry as a confident professional.

Comprehensive Learning

Even though we’re a distance education School providing courses online, we ensure that each assignment is as practical and hands-on as possible. In our makeup artistry courses from QC, students learn makeup application through hands-on practice. Our courses include hours of instructional video of professional makeup artists at work. Students are instructed to watch the instructional videos, and then go on to recreate the tutorials/looks on models of their own.

Just as in a normal classroom, you will be working closely with an instructor who will critique your assignments and monitor your progress through the course. Celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson is just one of the qualified tutors on our team excited to help you get started in the world of makeup!

Evolving Course Content

Here at QC Makeup Academy we’re always striving to grow and expand on our courses. We’re constantly looking to further develop and build on what we have, producing furthering education courses like our new Pro-Makeup Workshop. The learning never stops with QC!

We hope this has helped you on your search for makeup schools for makeup artists. If we’ve piqued your interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Give our friendly student support specialists a call today at 1-800-267-1829 or shoot us a quick email at