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April 13, 2013 8:30 am

5 unique (and weird) lawn sculptures

I love individuality as much as the next design enthusiast, but I think I draw the line at grass-covered couches in the backyard. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you will in just a second. I’m always browsing Pinterest and my favorite blogs for backyard decor inspiration, and recently came across 5 unique – and quite weird – lawn sculptures I knew I had to share with you here on The Blog.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of gnomes and a handful of stone rabbits, dogs, and glass orbs – but I had never seen anything like these before. Some of them I love, some of them I’d rather keep away from my own backyard. Consider whether or not you’d be brave enough to decorate with these sculptures and leave us a comment at the end with your thoughts!



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First up is this adorable hippo lawn sculpture. At first glance, it looks like a hippo is shimmying his way across your lawn! With closer inspection, you’ll see it’s actually just a stone sculpture of the top half of a hippo – perfect for a little bit of fun lawn decor. If I had a pool, I’d place this in the grass nearby to make it look like he’s headed for a dip!


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Second, we have this interesting tentacle sculpture. Is it an octopus? Is it an upside down squid? I’m not entirely sure. All I know is it’s a little too intense for my liking, and I think it might terrify the neighborhood children just a teensy bit too much. This might be fun decor for a cottage or seaside home, but I think it’s best skipped by the majority of home decorators.


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This little guy falls into the same category as the hippo in the lawn for me – absolutely adorable. He’s small enough to not demand all the attention, but a fun surprise for the eye at the same time! I like him the most out of the bunch because of the realistic coloring and the detail of the sculpture. I’d put him in the front garden to give the mail man a chuckle on his daily delivery.


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These stone garden rams would make for a clever display in a Southwestern home, but I don’t know how they’d work in a more urban setting. I love how they’ve been placed in this particular garden, as it looks as if the one on the left is preparing to push some rocks or challenge the one on the right to a duel. They’re fun and fit the setting in this photo!


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Lastly, we have the couch made of grass. Sure, it’s a fun idea and looks cool in a picture – but I don’t think it’s very practical at all. This particular grass couch was made by encasing an old couch in concrete and then placing sod overtop. It seems like quite a bit of work, plus I think it would be a little damp to actually sit on most of the time – let alone the bugs! Like I said earlier, the grass couch is where I draw the line. I can envision using the other 4 sculptures in the right settings and for the right home owners, but I can’t see the grass couch being a practical or work-able option for anyone.

What do you think of these 5 sculptures? Let me know in a comment, especially if you’re a fan of the last one!