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February 4, 2014 8:20 am

Style Forecast: Spring/Summer 2014

When it comes to menswear, there’s a lot to be excited about in the SS14 collections this year if the catwalks are anything to go by. High street fashion always takes its cue from what goes on in the big design houses, so early indications suggest that it’s going to be a very cool summer indeed.

Take a look at some of our major predictions for the high street in the coming months.


Pale shades of pink have been popular for ages, especially light summer shirts and neck ties. Pale pink is the perfect foil for light blue and grey – colors that are versatile enough in the world of tailoring to fit occasion wear and business wear.

However, what we’re expecting for SS14 is that all shades of pink will be in fashion. The catwalks have come to life with everything from pastel pink blazers to hot pink summer shorts. The high street is likely to follow suit, even if it does tone things down a little.

Light, grey summer suits

Lightweight, comfortable, slim-fitting grey suits have been fashionable in the summer for some time, but we expect that even lighter shades of grey will become the norm in very sartorially savvy offices this year.

Resisting dullness seems to be on all the designers’ agendas for 2014 and the lighter the tailoring the better. In order to keep things bright and breezy, these suits are best matched with even lighter shirts – light pinks, light blues and whites are probably the most complementary.

Long summer coats

Depending where you live, coats can be an important part of the summer forecast. Even when the weather is great, temperatures can drop at night and the coats and jackets come out.

The trend in summer is usually to go for a short jacket, but designers are looking to mix things up a little in SS14. Instead of short jackets, expect to see long summer coats made from very lightweight material. They retain the positive aspects of winter style but they are practical for warm weather. This is great news for those men who look forward to winter purely because coat options make it easier to dress well.

Beat styles

Every season, one or two themes seem to capture the imagination of fashion houses. It appears as though designers have lately been inspired by the Beat Generation and there’s a 40s and 50s American feel about some of their spring and summer collections.

So what does Beat style really entail? Well, you’re likely to see quite loose cut trousers sitting high on the waist and chalk stripes will be in evidence. Peak lapel shirts might make a comeback and white shirts are almost certain to be on the agenda no matter what other patterns and colors designers choose to roll out.

Floral prints

Although keeping things simple is one of the key themes for business wear, it looks as though floral prints will be in throughout SS14 for casual settings. It’s all about cutting loose on nights out and in downtime and that means giving your wardrobe a colorful boost.

Floral prints are not limited to shirts. Expect to see plenty of vibrant floral prints adorning summer shorts, especially if we have a heat wave like last year’s.

Block stripes

Blocks of color have been in and out of fashion in recent times, with designers unsure of how to use them to full effect. SS14 sees a new experiment – not an entirely original one but one that seems to have a fair amount of mileage on the high street.

Horizontal block stripes allow designers to play around with subtle chromatics or make bold statements according to their whims and fancies. So far, we’ve enjoyed the different styles we’ve seen on the catwalk on this is definitely one of those trends that can be replicated in casual wardrobes.

Decked out in white

We’ve already discussed light grey summer suits, but the designers aren’t stopping there. There’s been an awful lot of pure white on the catwalks of late and it’s becoming very clear that head-to-toe white ensembles will be in this summer.

This isn’t something that everyone can pull off – white can make your skin appear a little washed out but if it doesn’t then you’re onto a real winner. Of course, white suits mean you carry a lot of responsibility on your shoulders – no spaghetti and meatballs on your Tuscan retreat this year.

Those worried about whether white will work for them can always backtrack and stick with the light greys that will be just as stylish come summer.

Simon Peters is the founder and CEO of Simon + Simon. He’s spent over 20 years within the fashion industry, most well-known as the brains behind the Henleys brand. Now he’s redefining men’s essentials.