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If you’re anything like me you have skin that is so pale it verges on translucent. Skin so pale that sunscreen with an SPF of at least 55 must be applied before any outing, and shopping for a foundation is like searching for a needle in about 20 haystacks. Finding foundation for pale skin is a difficult challenge.

Many foundations seem perfect at first, but after just a few hours of wear they begin to oxidize and turn darker than their original shade. I’ve spent many frustrating years seeking out the perfect product, and I think I’ve finally found one…well two actually. Let me tell you a little bit about them!

MAC Studio Fix Liquid Foundation in NW10
The first is from MAC. They’ve recently expanded their range of shades in the Studio Fix line to include some really light hues for the Edward Cullen lookalikes among us. I’ve tested out the NW10 – the lightest shade they have – and am incredibly happy with it. This foundation offers medium coverage, wears well all day while staying true to its original color, and sits nicely on the skin. If I wait for it to dry completely before setting it with powder it can usually last me throughout my busy 10-12 hour days. Though the lady behind the counter told me it’s a neutral, I would definitely say it has a peachy undertone.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in Siberia
The second is NARS Sheer Matte Foundation in ‘Siberia.’ This product is slightly thinner in consistency than the M.A.C, but it offers very similar coverage if layered and a lovely matte finish. Just like the MAC NW10 it looks quite neutral, but does have a bit of a yellow undertone. I opt for this foundation in the winter months when I am at my absolute palest.

I have classic combination skin; dry cheeks and an oily t-zone, and these formulas both work very well in keeping my skin looking matte and fresh all day long. Like I said, I usually stick with the NARS throughout the winter and switch to the MAC in the summer when my skin is a tad darker, but I also find that they can work well when mixed together. I just put equal amounts of both on the back of my hand to warm them up and then blend them together. I also tend to use the MAC Studio Fix as a concealer in the winter, as it covers imperfections wonderfully and better than any concealer I’ve tried.

Everyone’s skin is different, and so this may not work as perfectly for you as it does for me. I did just want to share in the hopes that it will help some of you with similar skin types to my own!

Have you found THE perfect foundation shade for your fair skin? Share it with us in a comment!

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I wear lipstick pretty much every day. You can safely bet that it’s what I’m taking to any deserted island, and that there are usually at least two tubes of it on my person at any given time. Because of this my lipstick turnover rate is quite high, and I realized that I’m spending a small fortune on it! So, I decided to try and find a cheaper alternative to my high end brand favorites.

The problem is that it seems to be quite difficult to find a good matte lipstick at the drugstore. Most don’t last as long as high-end brands, contain way too much glitter for anyone’s good, and can sometimes smell a bit…strange. Or at least that was my general opinion until I happened upon Maybelline’s Color Sensational Lipsticks. I now own this lipstick in two shades; #235 Warm Me Up and #365 Sugared Honey. I absolutely adore both. I could go on and on about why, so I’ve made a simple pros vs. cons list for you.


• It’s wallet friendly! I only paid about $6.00 CAD on each.
• Doesn’t settle into creases. I like to do a quick lip scrub every morning and let a light lip balm sink in for about 10 minutes before applying this lip color. It makes for a very smooth application.
• Long-Lasting Color – After I apply it in the morning before heading to work I usually only have to reapply twice a day, once after lunch time and once around mid-afternoon.
• Matte color – When applied alone it offers a lovely matte finish, and when applied over lip balm it gives a subtle sheen which I think I’ll like during the summer months.
• Wide range of color choices – If you’re like me and usually stick to just a few natural looking shades this won’t matter as much to you. But if you like to have variety, this line’s got it!
• Taste-free!

• Not as long-lasting as high-end brands. I’ll always have a soft spot for my MAC and NARS lipsticks because they have incredible staying power. But, it won’t kill me to reapply a few more times throughout the day either.
• Matte color can sometimes look a bit unnatural. That’s why I like to apply a light lip balm first, as it makes the lipstick go on a little lighter. I recently chopped off the tip of the lipstick and mixed it with a bit of Vaseline and really like the consistency.
• Contains Alumina and Aluminum Hydroxide. A lot of people are iffy on how toxic these are to ingest, and women ingest a LOT of lipstick over the course of their lives. However, this lipstick contains very low amounts of each and I’m not too worried.

Have you tried this line of Maybelline lipstick? I’m always on the hunt for great makeup deals so if you’ve come across a great drugstore find let me know in a comment below!

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