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January 21, 2014 12:00 am

Student Feature – Lindsay Rosso

Student Feature

Meet Lindsay Rosso!

Location: Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada





My name is Lindsay Rosso. I am a small town girl with big dreams (cliché, I know). I’m 20 years old from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada and I know what I want – To be a stylist in the fashion industry. Fashion has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I would draw books and books of clothing designs. When choosing a career path, it was an easy decision for me. I knew my future was in the fashion industry. Fashion is something that always keeps my interest and ambition high. That is exactly what I need to pursue a successful career and more than that be happy to walk into my workplace everyday.

After high school I moved to London, Ontario to begin my fashion education at Fanshawe College where I studied Fashion Merchandising for 2 years. This program exposed me to every aspect of fashion. My time spent at Fanshawe inspired me to continue my education in fashion and learn more from the professionals in the industry. At this point in my career I’ve been exposed to several different ranges of retail, from high end menswear at Art Gabriel’s, to prom at Elizabeth Noel, to the Gap! Today I am an assistant manager at a local boutique called “Pink Chandelier” back home in Sault Ste. Marie. I have been fortunate enough to score a job I love right out of graduation. This year I also decided to work towards my certificate in styling through QC Style Academy and am loving it. I hope to continue my fashion education and keep working hard toward my goal of being a successful businesswoman and stylist.

Did you always see yourself becoming a stylist?

No. Going into college my aspirations were set out to be a buyer. By the time I graduated I got a better feel for what different kinds of jobs are out there in the fashion industry. I realized quickly that my strength is my creative side. I particularly loved my photo styling class and did exceptionally well too. My ideal job would to be an editorial stylist. If I was flipping through Vogue and saw an advertisement I styled myself, I think I’d pass out.

What are you enjoying most about your Fashion Styling course with QC?

I love my course with QC! It’s really nice to be able to continue my fashion education while working full time. This way I’m expanding both my work experience and education this year. I find QC to be very organized. The readings and assignments are very easy to follow, informative and fun! I’ve already filled the notebook that you sent with my course full of notes and I plan to use them as reference in the future.

We can’t stop looking at your Instagram photos! Did you have a strategy for growing your following when you first started out, or did it happen organically?

I have to be honest there is no strategy behind my Instagram photos. I got the app a couple years ago now and I absolutely love it. I definitely post a lot of fashion related photos, and never thought there would be an outcome of it but just because that is my everyday life! I love fashion and I love to be noticed for it. On a professional note I believe it’s important for a prospective client to be able to see my work and personality through social media. What better way to do that than through photos? I want my future clients to be able to see how I can put together a look, what inspires me. I want to demonstrate the passion I have for this business. Instagram can be an excellent creative outlet and also a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends!

We’re also loving your logo! Can you talk a bit about the process of building your personal brand, and how you ended up at that design?



My logo was designed for my portfolio in one of my brand development classes while studying Fashion Merchandising at Fanshawe College. I drew the logo myself in Adobe Illustrator. The girl is a cartoon influenced by my features and Marilyn Monroe’s. This way the viewer can identify Marilyn, who is a huge fashion icon, and relate that to my name and career. I’ve also used red, black and white continuously throughout my portfolio and social media because my last name “Rosso” is the color red in Italian.


Can you tell us about some highlights of your styling career so far? (What are some of your favorite aspects and what are some things you find tedious or trying?)

Currently I am enjoying where I am in my career. I can take my knowledge and skills of styling and apply them to my current role as an assistant manager at Pink Chandelier. I love to help customers feel and look good. Assisting a customer in finding what they are looking for is always a successful day in my eyes. My job is far from dull or boring at all thanks to my boss and co-workers. We have a blast working together and make the retail environment fun for any customer walking in. I strongly believe I have a natural ability for styling. I can easily identify what a customer is looking for, what will look best on their body type and target what their personal style is. Upon finishing my course with QC Style Academy I intend to open my styling services to the public. That being said, my biggest challenge will be finding clients while residing in Sault Ste. Marie. I will most likely have very few or no clients before moving to a larger city.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet right now?

Favorite item of clothingMy favorite item of clothing I have in my closet right now is a dress I bought on my high school Europe trip in Rome back in 2010. It is a deep purple, in a light chiffon fabric, has a high neckline with light purple sleeve and gathers at the bottom with hints of turquoise. It’s been my favourite dress for years (and that means a lot coming from someone who searches through hundreds of dresses everyday). It is very unique and feminine and still to this day I have seen nothing like it. I bought it at a shop called “Fornarina”. It was definitely a splurge but I love it and only wear it for special occasions.

What would you like to see trending in 2014?

In 2014 I’d love to see more high-waisted denim and color moving into spring and summer. I got a pair of high-waist Mavi jeans a few weeks back and I am in love. The high waist look is so flattering and is making a huge comeback in fashion. We carry Mavi denim at Pink Chandelier (which is by far my biggest obsession this year), and have ordered in the high waist jeans to carry in store.

Another trend I’d like to see is more color moving into spring/summer 14. One of the biggest trends for 2013 was black and white, which is particularly unusual for summer. I missed the pastels in the spring and the vibrant colors in the summer. For me, that’s what makes spring and summer my favorite seasons is the vibrant and fun fashion pieces.

Tell us! What does the future hold for Lindsay Rosso?

I have a few options for the near future. I have been looking into school in Europe for over a year now. I’d love to study in France because I fell in love with Paris the first time I visited and could benefit greatly from an experience like that. However, I’ve recently made an amazing contact in the fashion industry who has encouraged me to pursue an internship in New York, which again would be a great experience for me. Currently I’m focusing on getting my applications sent in with the right documents, a killer portfolio, and hoping that everything falls into place! Farther down the road I’d love to pursue editorial styling but something else I’ve always thought of pursuing is being a creative director for a luxury brand. Wish me good luck!

A look at Lindsay’s work to date…

“Under the Sea” Fashion Show – Recycled garment designed and sewn by Lindsay Rosso, Francesca Scandale and Megan Welsh.

'Under the Sea' fashion show- Recycled garment (designed and sewn by Francesca Scandale, Megan Welsh and myself)









“Rossolette Grand Opening” Campaign Poster – completed in Adobe Photoshop by Lindsay Rosso

Adobe Photoshop 'Rossolette Grand Opening' Campaign Poster











Photo styling “Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipstick” Advertisement – Photograph, styling and editing by Lindsay Rosso

Photo Styling 'Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick' Advertisement - Photograph,styling and editing by Lindsay Rosso








Photo styling “Nasty Gal Spring 2013 Collection” Advertisement – Photograph, styling and editing by Lindsay Rosso

Photo styling 'Nasty Gal Spring 2013 Collection' Photograph, styling and editing by Lindsay Rosso








“Fashion Rocks Hair of the Dog” show – Merchandising Comittee Co-coordinator (Fundraiser for Paws United). Photo credit: Christian Varsava

'Fashion Rocks Hair of the Dog' show, November 2012- Merchandising Committee Co-coordinator (Fundraiser for 'Paws United')











“CONNECT 2013” Fashion Merchandising students set up booths to demonstrate portfolios. Lindsay gave out customized mugs with her logo and business info along with mug cakes.

'CONNECT 2013' Fashion Merchandising set up booths to demonstrate portfolio's. I gave out customized mugs with my logo and business info along with mug cakes









Interested in pursuing your fashion styling dream? Check out QC Style Academy’s website to see all that we have to offer!


August 14, 2013 2:04 pm

Student Feature: Athena DeVonne

QC Event School student Athena DeVonneToday, we’d like to share yet another story of student success. Meet wedding planner Athena DeVonne. She took a chance on a career change that would give her more time with her young children, as well as more financial freedom. She chose QC’s Wedding Planning course to help take her there, and it paid off. Read her inspiring story below.

Company Name:  Coalesce Creations Wedding Designs
Description: “Making your memories grand on a modest plan.” Coalesce Creations Wedding Designs understands that your day should be a reflection of you. Your goals paired with our experience will create an endless memory. Through listening, executed detail and unique custom design … your wedding will always be remembered as the coalesced expression of two hearts into one love.
Region: Dallas, Texas
Phone: 888-406-0816


What motivated you to start your career as a professional event and wedding planner?

I didn’t start the way most wedding planners started. I didn’t catch the planning bug after helping a friend or family member or from planning of my own wedding. It literally started with a simple conversation. I needed change.

I am a single mother of two precious daughters, Alaithia (5) and Aarionna (4). Alaithia has a condition called Bilateral Perisylvian Polymicrogyria. In short it means she is totally dependent on me. She currently cannot speak, crawl, or walk. As you can imagine, a special needs child grows such a love in you as a parent. I grew tired of missing her therapies, school functions and opportunities for special programs due to having to clock into a full-time job. I was also tired of trying to balance my younger daughter Aarionna’s activities, which were often held back because of her sister’s condition.

QC Event School student Athena DeVonne is now a professional wedding planner

One afternoon I expressed these feelings to my significant other and stated I need more time, flexibility and financial freedom to be there for my daughters. We discussed my talents, skills and abilities and narrowed it down to something in social networking, design, events or public speaking. We somehow brought up weddings, and I was smiling the whole time we were talking about it. It was he who suggested I research being a wedding planner. It would allow me the chance to work from home, schedule my own hours and expand my passion for design. It entails lots of networking, sales, negotiating, talking, creativity and social media to stay on top of trends. So I jumped on the internet, found QC Event School and … well here I am now.

I find joy in the challenge of turning a client’s ideas or dreams into a visual reality. The celebration of love is special and delicate. I want to enhance and tell the stories of couples everywhere. I have a strong passion for creating more then one function out of anything, pushing my creativity outside the box and making a new blueprint. My goal is to be sure every bride who wants a wedding has one, no matter the size of the budget. Creativity and strong resources solve all obstacles.

Wedding planner Athena DeVonne

What are some highlights of your career so far? 

Wow, I have been blessed! I just launched Coalesce Creations Wedding Designs January 15, 2013. Since that date we have:

– Contracted seven brides (all who signed during the initial consultation)
– Become the preferred wedding planner to two local wedding venues (Frisco Heritage Center & Aristide Event and Conference Center)
– Become the exclusive wedding coordinator and designer to The Gallery Event Room
– Built a partnership with esthetician Lorina Coleman of More Than Makeup. Together, we created a bridal package for my clients including skin care, body massage and the wedding day look
– Built a partnership with Kevin Gaddis Jr. of Epic Event Photo Booths. He provides unlimited photo booth shots for my wedding couples at an awesome special price
– Been interviewed by wedding planner trainer Debbie Quain of Weddings for A Living. I am one of her Wedding Business Guide members. It was great to be asked to share our story. This was our first press release (in just 6 months of launching)
– Been invited to be the first guest speaker on Sophisticated Events by Shatasha’s blog, The Trendy Bride’s Lounge

Most currently I am working with another wedding planner to create a bridal magazine. (Visit my website for the launch details) I am also publishing a how-to book for D.I.Y brides to help with the process of planning your own wedding. Wish me luck!

Coalesce Creations Wedding Designs

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

Oh my goodness, how could I have my career or success without this course? The course has enabled me to go into a consultation with a prospective bride, speak confidently and express knowledge. With the experience I gained from the assignments and conversations with my tutors I can currently say I have signed with every bride I have met with. The course has prepared me to be highly organized, aware, and helped me find my own identity in this industry.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career? 

My advice would be start and don’t wait to have it all together. Remember, the word “impossible” spells out “I’m possible!” Go into your business with a business mindset. My mother always says, “Treat a business as a hobby and you will receive hobby results. Treat a business as a business and you will receive business results.”  Don’t miss the opportunities presented to you just because you don’t have everything. Confidence and self-trust are vital, so get going! Experience is just as powerful as knowledge … so grow both!Coalesce Creations

Athena DeVonne is a wedding planner and QC student

 Athena’s portrait by Kevin Gaddis Jr. Photography
Photos 1-3 by Dee Portilla Photography
Photos 4-5 by Ezell Photography


This month we're featuring home stager Tiffany ParkerMeet Tiffany Parker. A few years ago, she decided to make a major career change. She wanted to escape her 9-5 job and pursue the growing home staging industry. She wanted to be creative every day, and so she enrolled in QC Design School’s Home Staging course. Shortly after, she opened her own business, Parker Interiors.

Company name: Parker Interiors Staging and Redesign
Region: Washington, DC
Phone: 202-431-1229
Description: With over $30 million in staged homes, Parker Interiors Staging & Redesign is the best value for staging in the Washington DC area – dollar for dollar. Using our vast inventory of furniture and accessories, our professional staging team creates fresh design concepts that transform spaces in preparation for sale and open house. Parker Interiors is committed to meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations. In the fast moving world of real estate, we believe that staging should be fast and convenient. Our talented team will reinvent most spaces in one day to showcase their best attributes, helping it sell quickly.

What motivated you to start your career as a design professional?  After years in corporate office settings, I was motivated to start my staging business by a desire to be active, transform spaces, have an impact, and express creativity.

What are some highlights of your career so far? Besides several homes receiving multiple offers after one day on the market, the greatest highlights so far have been the constant growth and expansion of the possibilities of staging.  Staging is so ubiquitous today; there are opportunities to use it in so many different environments. I was even asked to do a set design for Dr. Maya Angelou.

How did your course prepare you for working in the field? QC Design School’s Home Staging course provided a strong baseline as I entered the field by introducing me to what I would be expected to know.  Certainly a lot of learning can only be acquired on the job, but the course helped me to feel prepared for whatever might come my way.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career?  Just be ready for an adventure.  Staging is serious physical and mental work.  Be willing to be self critical. Take risks.  Spend as much time on the business side as you do on the design side and grow smartly!

Take a look at some photos of Tiffany’s work…

Featuring home stager Tiffany Parker

QC Student Tiffany Parker

Featuring Tiffany Parker

Featuring Tiffany Parker

Featuring Tiffany Parker

Featuring Tiffany Parker

Featuring Tiffany Parker

All photos credited to Walnut Street Development


It’s the best of student work! Meet Cristina Iliescu, Joshua Gilchrist, and Lynn Phu. We’re introducing you to these three standout QC students and grads today, because we’re so proud of the work they’ve accomplished! We want to give a big thanks to all three of our featured MUAs for sharing with us their inside perspectives on the makeup industry…and of course, some gorgeous photos of their work.

QC: What’s your favorite part about being a makeup artist, or makeup artist in training?

Cristina: My favorite part is that I can express my creativity and I can bring confidence, self-esteem, and a smile to my clients.

Joshua: I love working with people. The fact that makeup artistry is a very artistic field allows me to be creative!

Lynn: My favorite part is showing off my creative side because I love art and I love my clients’ happy reactions when I finish their makeup looks.

QC: What’s your dream job?

Cristina: Being a makeup artist is my dream job. It is the only job that makes me feel me.

Joshua: To be a world renowned makeup artist who everyone would love to work with.

Lynn: My dream job would be to do fantasy makeup for runway shows.

QC: If you could do anyone’s makeup, who would you love to work with?

Cristina: I would love to work with celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Kate Moss because they have that natural beauty that makes a makeup artist’s work a pleasure, but I know that I would feel totally fulfilled as a makeup artist if I could bring back the lost beauty of those people who have had a tough life.

Joshua: I would love to do makeup for Adele.

Lynn: Emma Stone, because she seems very laid back and easy going. I also think any makeup would work for her.

QC: Why did you choose to study with QC Makeup Academy?

Cristina: I wanted to study more about this passion of mine (as you all know, in makeup learning never ends!), so I was looking for something professional enough to feed my hunger for information but also allow me to continue my job. After almost two months of searching for the best school for me, I discovered QC Makeup Academy. After doing some research, I decided that it was exactly what I was looking for, so I enrolled immediately. I am so happy I did, and I am so honored to be part of this fascinating family.

Joshua: I was very happy with the great source of information. The Student Support Specialists are amazing and the assignments were a great way to evolve me into a wonderful artist.

Lynn: I chose QC Makeup Academy because the step-by-step guide was well planned and I wanted to learn something new.

Scroll down for photos and contact information…

Cristina Iliescu:
Service location: London, England
All images c/o Cristina Iliescu


Joshua Gilchrist:
Noir Makeup Artistry
Service location: On location in Madison, Wisconsin
Photography by Vince Padilla


Lynn Phu:
Service location: Houston, Texas
Images c/o Lynn Phu









February 27, 2013 4:03 pm

Student Feature: Cristina Salerno

Cristina is a graduate from QC Design School’s Home Staging and Interior Decorating courses. She now owns her own successful home staging and redesign company, Ella Staging & Design. With a creative flair and an eye for all things decor, Cristina’s portfolio includes some very impressive spaces. Read on for Cristina’s insights on the home staging industry and to see some fabulous examples of her work!

Company Name: Ella Staging & Design Inc.

Description: We style to sell and design to please! Services include: Occupied home staging, vacant home staging, interior redesign, color consultation and professional organization.

Region: Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area
Phone: 905.605.2393
Facebook fan page:

What motivated you to start your career as a staging and redesign professional?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in design and real estate. HGTV was and continues to be my go-to channel. My shelves are filled with design magazines and I’m always exploring ways to improve my families’ quality of life through organization and function. It’s something I truly enjoy and provides me with immense gratification.
Then there’s my personality. Innately, I’m a very organized person. Friends, family, and colleagues would always comment on how organized and beautiful my home was, or how my office was perfectly ordered despite working on multiple projects at any given time.

I suppose the true turning point, however, was during the sale of our first home. It sold very quickly despite being a ‘buyers’ market. Our real estate agent stated that I should consider a career in Home Staging, saying that I was a natural.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

I’d have to say the most memorable moment of my career thus far was my very first staging job. It was a two-bedroom condo in downtown Toronto. It had been sitting vacant for a couple of months. The finishes were very attractive, however potential buyers couldn’t get past the perceived lack of space. Needless-to-say, it sold within a week of staging it. My clients were thrilled. It was a euphoric feeling.

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

The QC Design course was great! Upon receiving my certification, I truly felt I had the knowledge, tools, and confidence to be a success in this industry. For example, space planning is especially critical in vacant home staging. The QC Design School course really prepares you well for this. There were also many optional assignments designed to prepare you for starting your own business, such as ‘developing a business plan’. After completing the course, I felt like I was already a step ahead because it was something I had to do to launch my business and it was already done. I loved that!

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career?

The one thing I would have to say in terms of the training is not to cut corners. There are other programs out there that offer you staging certifications following a weekend seminar, but completing the course myself and learning all there is to know, I don’t see how that is even possible.

In terms of starting a career, my advice would be the same: don’t cut corners. Staging a property following the steps taught by this course will ensure you avoid costly mistakes such as ordering the wrong sized furniture. Third party furniture rental companies are only too happy to charge you that re-stocking fee.

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February 22, 2013 7:21 pm

Event Planning Career Feature: Stephanie

Stephanie Hammermeister is still a student of QC Event School, but she’s already well on her way to industry success. She owns and operates her own wedding and event planning business, Memory Lane Events LLC. Stephanie believes in lifelong learning, and is using all the new skills she is gaining in her Event and Wedding Planning course toward her growing business. Read on to learn about her event planning career and her advice for anyone looking to start their own.

Below, Stephanie tells us how she got to where she is today, and reflects on the best parts of her career so far. She also shares some photos of her work…and they are absolutely beautiful. We’re so happy and proud to share her work with you this month. If you would like to learn more about Stephanie’s company, be sure to check out her website and Facebook page.Stephanie Hammermeister is our student of the month

Company Name: Memory Lane Events LLC
Description: Wedding and Event Planning
Region: Southern California
Phone: 949 444-5140
Twitter: @Stephanie_MLE
Facebook: Memory Lane Events LLC.

What motivated you to start your career as a professional event and wedding planner?

From early adolescence straight into adulthood, basketball had been my passion, my outlet, and my whole heart! So as you can imagine, the transition from tomboy to girly girl was certainly life changing. The idea of becoming a professional wedding and event planner was always an immense interest of mine (even while in uniform), but falling in love had ultimately become my motivation to pursue a career in the field. My journey to the altar grew to be my first project in the creation of Memory Lane Events LLC. After receiving wonderful feedback on preparation, design, decor, and execution, I made a decision to become more involved in the industry.

I was given a wonderful internship opportunity by a gracious wedding planner out of the San Diego region. In that position, I learned helpful skills and beginner techniques which provided a great foundation to begin my personal path for success. The enormous support of my caring husband, wonderful family, and gracious followers is all of the motivation and inspiration that I need for continual success.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

One of the many highlights I have received in my career thus far has been the remarkable feedback and generous gestures from my previous clients and other professionals in the business. The industry is competitive yet rewarding all the same. It has been a privilege to work alongside several successful professionals who I admire dearly. However the finest highlight, I must say, is bestowing emotions of peace, happiness, and bliss upon my clients in a monumental moment of their life’s journey, no matter how large or small.

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

Still currently enrolled in the coursework, I have become more knowledgeable in the logistical aspects of wedding and event planning. I am eager to become more educated as I continue through each unit.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career?

It takes a lot of hard work to embark on your own business and you want to be sure that you are as prepared as possible. With that being said, the best advice I can offer those in training or beginning their careers is to always be open to educating themselves further! Even the best-of-the-best in the business are always continuing to learn. In my opinion, when you’ve become complacent you’ve stopped learning and when you stop learning, you become fearful of change. Change is one of the most common factors in a successful business. You have to be able to adapt to the change of our society’s needs and wants while still remaining true to who you are as an individual and as a business.

Running a business, like anything, takes a great deal of sacrifice and special attention. You need to continually motivate yourself and those around you every day in a positive manner. When you are dedicated to something you’re passionate about, you can never fail!