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June 2, 2013 1:25 pm

Flowers for Every Occasion

flowers for every occassion

Have you ever heard of the language of flowers? It’s an old belief that each flower has a certain meaning, and there’s an appropriate time and place to use them. People used to use flowers to express feeling that they weren’t able to say. Today we often pick flowers based on color or personal preference, but we wanted to explore how you can use different flowers symbolically for different events you’re planning. After all, there are flowers for every occasion! Let’s take a look…

Wedding Flowers

For the wedding, choose bouquets and arrangements that signify love, devotion, and hope for the future. Colors tend to be either all white, or deep, saturated colors. The baby’s breath, lilac, red tulip, and aster are all great choices for weddings, as seen below. They might not be your typical wedding flowers, but they look great, they have meaning, and they’re a bit surprising!

Baby Shower Flowers

A shower (whether a baby shower or bridal shower) is all about spreading hope for the future. For a shower, choose arrangements that symbolize happiness and good luck. These flowers tend to be white, and are more delicate than they are dramatic. Great examples are the daisy, gardenia, Casablanca lily, and bells of Ireland.

Graduation Flowers

The graduation arrangements are our favorites of the bunch, because they’re all so full of hope and well-wishes – they’re also all colorful and a bit different. Some great flower choices are the black-eyed Susan, iris, stargazer lily, and jasmine.

What types of flowers do you absolutely love to use for events and weddings? Let us know in a comment below!