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April 23, 2013 10:13 am

Canadian Blog Love: Girl About T.O.wn

Amanda Rebecca Cosco is a 26-year-old Canadian-born freelance writer and multimedia journalist. She’s also the sole creator and author of the Toronto based lifestyle blog Girl About T.O.wn. If you haven’t heard of her yet, we think it’s time you did! She’s witty, stylish (if we do say so ourselves), and tons of fun to live through vicariously from our desk chairs. Girl About T.O.wn is always mixing it up, and we never quite know what we’ll see in each blog post. Click on the images below to see some of our favorites!

Sometimes Amanda’s posts showcase her fun personal style…

Girl About T.O.wn

And sometimes the posts consist only of pictures…

Girl About T.O.wn

Sometimes she tries to convince the internet that Canadian winters are nice. As Canadians ourselves, we commend her for trying…


And sometimes her posts will take you on little adventures, like this trip up to the Hollywood sign in the City of Angels…


And once in awhile she helps us discover special spots in Toronto that have always been close but were easy to miss…

Girl About T.O.wn

You’ll always find compelling and inspiring posts over at Girl About T.O.wn. If you’re new to Amanda’s blog, take some time to catch up on it. Also check out her Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Between her eclectic personal style, colorful photography, and engaging writing you’ll never get bored!

We’d love to know of other great Canadian style or lifestyle blogs. If you’re a fan of any, share them with us in a comment below!