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While a traditional home will be forever in vogue, there will always be that call for a splash of cutting-edge inspiration to keep your interior design feeling fresh and current, and to offer the best of both worlds to households with divided tastes.

Below are a few simple ideas to rejuvenate traditional fittings and furnishings. Personalization is key when it comes to your home, so never forget to make design ideas your own.

traditional home

Draw the eye with a creative centerpiece

Oak tables and sideboards are sturdy and grand-looking, and add a stately air to any room. Decorating your furniture with a modern centerpiece of bold design can afford your furniture a fresh lease of life, and potentially create a whole new focal point. A strong, bright color against dark wood, in sharp contrast to the shade chosen for the wall behind makes the most exciting choice. If there is a particularly creative individual in your family, why not commission them to create something for this purpose to give a personal element? Remember, if clutter builds up around the centerpiece, its effect will be diminished. For an edgier feel, place the piece to one side of your chosen surface and leave the other side bare.

Decorate old with new

Edgy, exciting cushions, curtains, rugs and ornaments can add an element of excitement to an otherwise traditional layout. If a simple color scheme is chosen – i.e. one color for all embellishments – the look may come off as rather uniform. However, a spread of tastefully mismatched items is likely to create more lasting interest, and ongoing experimentation with the placement of these may lead to a truly inspired arrangement.

Turn the tables

Unusual placement of furniture can lead to some fun and original looks. From diagonally facing lounge suites to centrally placed beds, a dull room can easily be intersected with unusual lines to bring it back to life. Play around with these placements and see how emphasis on certain objects can change, and even how the functionality of the room might be improved upon.

Base colors

Awe-inspiring contrast can be found by creating a rich background. Walls and floors decorated in bold block colors can really set off vintage furniture. Painting the baseboard to match the color of the walls is a technique often used to create a flush, distraction-free backdrop, while carpeting or tiling your floor in a similar tone also helps to bring focus to the furniture.

Introduce incongruous items

Think of kitschy ways to create interest in your interior design. Display unusual collections you might have amassed over the years instead of keeping them locked in your cupboards, recycle (well-washed) jam jars as beverage receptacles, paint everyday items unusual colors and simply allow uniqueness to sneak in via your accessories.

This is a guest post by Lillymans, a traditional British furniture retailer.