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February 27, 2014 12:00 am

Wear It with Style! The Pastel Trend

Have you heard the news? Pastels are back in style this season! When I made this announcement around the office, I heard a collective groan from all the ladies. Pastels are tricky. You run the risk of looking like a little girl or, even worse, a giant bubblegum!

But they’re also oh so pretty, and can be a lot edgier than you think. Here’s how to get it right.

1. Go for sophistication

As I mentioned above, pastels can make you look really young if you’re not careful. To avoid that, try to stick to more mature styles and clean lines to look sophisticated rather than too sweet. For example, a pale pink pencil skirt for the office would probably work better than a full, bell-shaped skirt.

Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule! You know your style best, and if you can rock a pale pink ballerina tulle dress, you go girl!

2. Add some edge

The perfect way to tame down the girliness of pastels is to pair them with harder, or more masculine pieces. Take a look at the outfit we put together below…

How to wear pastel this seasonShirt / Boots / Shorts / Sunglasses / Blazer / Necklace

Keep in mind that the trend works best when you just add a pop of pastel, instead of giving everyone a cavity just by looking at you! We went with classic, more androgynous pieces here like the chambray shirt and boyfriend-style blazer to tone down the pretty watercolor shorts (seriously, love the shorts!). The boots, glasses, and necklace add a bit of rock and roll to the look, and definitely take it into cool territory.

3. It’s all about the accessories

Another great way to rock the pastel trend is in your accessories. This is a great way to try out trends in general, as they’re not as expensive to buy as clothing, and you can incorporate them into your wardrobe for a lot longer. Pastel necklaces, bracelets, and even sunglasses add a nice touch. If you’re really bold, go for a pair of pale shoes, too!

4. Or, just watch this video!

Our very own Style Mentor Tylar put together this great video tutorial on how you can make the most of this trend. Take a look!


August 6, 2013 9:24 am

4 Peach Bedroom Pictures We Love

Add some peach to your home decor

Peach is such a warm, inviting color and can really brighten up a space. We especially like peach when paired with cream, white, or tan. In this post, we’ll be sharing our top 4 peach bedroom examples. If you’ve seen a photo floating around or on Pinterest, we’d love to check it out! Leave the URL in a comment at the bottom. Want to learn more about interior decorating? Check out QC Design School’s Interior Decorating course. Click through the image links to take a look at our top picks, and enjoy!

This bedroom has our favorite combination – pink, tan and white. The room feels warm and like it belongs in a home down in Florida. On chilly nights, you could unroll the duvet or simply sleep beneath the sheets on a warmer night. We like the use of mixed patterns, particularly in the bedskirt, duvet and blinds. The different saturation levels of peach keep the room looking harmonious while giving it dimension at the same time. A job well done in our books!

This room is all-over peach and we completely adore it. From the orange-peach ribbon that runs across the sheet’s fold-down to the true peach curtains, the shade is almost everywhere to be seen. It doesn’t seem overwhelming, however, because of the different patterns and depths used. We also like that the bed skirt was kept simple in a clean linen ivory to keep the focus on the cushions and quilt. Oh, and of course we are just loving the flowers!

We think this bedroom is the perfect option for someone sharing an apartment or living in a dorm. You don’t want to paint the whole room since you’ll just have to paint over it with white before you leave, so why not focus on painting a small section around the bed to give the room a little depth? With simple pull-down blinds and a fuzzy throw blanket in orange-peach the space feels warmer in an instant. We also like the area rug to liven up the otherwise all-white space and to make the area feel a bit warmer.

This pinky-peach room is a little girl’s dream! From the warm beige hardwood floors to feminine peach bedding and curtains, it’s truly a warm and playful space for a child. We like the matte black bed frame (and the rabbits on posts!) to give the room a little more dimension and to pull in black as an unexpected accent choice. Coupled with the faux fur rug, it really makes the space.

Which peach bedroom is your favorite? Let us know in a comment!


May 18, 2013 9:00 am

How to Wear White this Summer

 Many people find it incredibly difficult to pull of white, but it’s one of the simplest and most chic colors! This summer, it’s time to finally reach for your plain white top – or to pick up a couple of new ones – and wear white with confidence. Follow our four easy steps below and learn how to wear white this summer.

  1. Pair with something bright
    White can look all too basic, and even startling, against something too dark. It’s summer time, so grab your favorite bright pink shorts, printed skirt, or neon statement necklace. A crisp white top is the perfect backdrop for any colored ensemble, so take advantage! We love the above photo because the wearer has paired her lasercut white tank with candy colored jeans and a mint green and gold bracelet. Even though the colors she chose are bright, it’s well-balanced!
  2. Make sure it’s clean
    A dingy white shirt can break an outfit faster than it can make it. If your white shirt has become discolored and can’t be fixed by a little bit of bleach in the wash, it’s time to toss it and find something new. I recently had to go through my closet and say goodbye to a few of my white tops. It’s sad, but you really notice how yellowed they truly are when you pick up a brand new white article of clothing. It’ll make you wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner!
  3. Make it pop with a sunless tan
    If you’re like me, wearing white can be a little intimidating. That’s because I’m very pale – and sometimes feel a white shirt only brings more attention to that. Instead of baking beneath the sun, opt for a sunless glow. Something like the Light/Medium Bronzing Mousse by St Tropez will give you just enough color without overdoing it, and is so easy to use, too!
  4. Wear a flesh colored bra
    I don’t understand why, but a lot of women think they have to wear a white bra beneath a white shirt. This simply does not work, since you can still see it! What you should opt for, instead, is a bra in a color as closed to your skin color as you can find. This will keep a seamless appearance beneath your shirt and won’t draw attention to the fact it may be somewhat sheer. Or, you can always pick up a super thin camisole if you want a little more coverage.


What do you think, readers? Will you be rocking white with confidence this summer?


Pink hair has been tweeted, pinned, and blogged too many times to count. It’s incredibly “in fashion” and “of the moment” and has even been the choice of celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Katy Perry, Rachel McAdams, and others. This is all to say this somewhat extreme trend is not going anywhere too quickly. If anything, pastel hair color – such as pink – is becoming more mainstream fashion and more widely accepted as the seasons go by.

After seeing it so much and on so many people, I’m starting to wonder – is pink hair becoming the latest must-have accessory?

 Image via Pinterest

To be completely honest, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Sure, it would be fun for a night our or for a music festival, but I don’t think it would be all that easy to pull off on a day-to-day basis. In photographs and in the right setting it could look absolutely gorgeous, but I just can’t picture it going over well at work or when visiting with grandparents! Yes, I know different people have different social and work environments and might be able to get away with bubblegum colored hair – but I’m guessing the vast majority can’t.

If I were to advise any of my friends on the trend, I’d recommend going with a non-permanent option – like a Kevin Murphy colorbug or clip in extensions. That way, you can put them in when you please and take them out just as easily. Like I said, some pink streaks or a bubblebum ombre would look fabulous at a concert, day at the beach, or night on the town – but there are likely some scenarios in which you’d feel better off with less extreme locks.


Image via Pinterest

What causes me the most hesitation is how difficult it would be to maintain the color. There’s a major difference between freshly colored pink hair and the faded results you’d be left with after 6 weeks of washing. Plus, you’d have to lift your roots to be light enough to take the pink if your hair is naturally dark. It sounds like a lot of work to me!

And, what happens when you no longer want pink hair? If it doesn’t wash out on its own, you’d need to re-bleach to return to blonde or dye over it with a darker color – something you might not want to do. On the other hand, you might find pink hair to be your “thing” and want to keep it forever. I suppose it depends on the person at the end of the day, but if you’re thinking about trying it out – you’re probably best to test it with something removable before playing with anything that reads “permanent” on the box.


Image via Pinterest

What do you think? Is the work worth it? Would you ever rock pink locks? Let me know in a comment. I’m really interested to know your opinion!


March 8, 2013 9:30 am

On Trend: Crimson Lips

One of this coming spring’s key makeup trends is the dark crimson lip. It’s typically a fall/winter staple but 2013 seems to be switching things up a bit, and we love it! The only drawback is that winter is still lingering and our skin’s been pretty sun deprived for the last few months. Many of the ladies in the office are shying away from the deep hue because they’re worried about looking like wannabe extras in whatever vampire flick is coming up next. Fortunately, we’ve figured out how to make it work! Read on to learn how to get crimson lips that are perfect for you.

Crimson LipsStep 1: Do a Lip Scrub
Please please please take the time to apply a quick lip scrub before even thinking about trying out this look! This will ensure that the color goes on smoothly and evenly, and you won’t have to deal with any streakiness or flaky dead skin. Yuck. You can DIY it with some white sugar and honey, or you can go with our favorite product right now – Lush’s Sweet Lips. It smells and tastes like chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

Step 2: Choose Your Hue
No matter what skin tone you have, if it hasn’t seen the sun in a while and you’re not an avid fake tanner, you’re complexion – like ours – may be lacking its usual luster this time of year. In this case we suggest opting for a lighter berry shade, as it won’t completely overwhelm your look. A stain will do nicely, as it offers shearer coverage, and extra layers can be added until the desired richness is reached. We love Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush. It suits a wide range of skin tones and while the color is lasting, it layers very well. It’s also very moisturizing for lips that have had a rough go in the winter months.

Step 3: Determine Your Lip Shape
Another thing to take into consideration is your lip shape. If you have fuller lips you won’t have any problems, but if they’re on the thinner side you’ll want to opt for a lighter shade. Going dark will just make your lips look smaller, and that’s the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve! Start by lining your lips just slightly outside of your natural lip line, as this will give the illusion of a fuller pout. Then fill it all in with your crimson shade of choice. Give NARS Gloss Lip Pencil in Club Mix a try. It’s more of a gloss, which will reflect light and add the illusion of some fullness. It’s super flattering on olive complexions but it’s sheerness works for fair skin as well.

Step 4: Get Your Flush On!
We also want to stress how important it is to add some color to your cheeks, as it will really help to balance this dramatic look out. You’ll want to keep it subtle though, so be sure to choose a shear product and apply it with a light hand. A blush we’re loving right now is the drugstore brand N.Y.C’s Cheek Glow Blush in Westside Wine.

Et voila! Now go take that chic crimson pucker out on the town! Have you found the perfect crimson hue? Share it with us in a comment!


February 22, 2013 7:21 pm

Stationery Trends of 2013

Every year we see new trends appear in the wedding industry and this year, some of the loveliest are being created with paper! Stationery plays an integral part in setting the tone for our clients’ weddings. The style, quality, color palette, and motifs can be carried throughout the various pieces to provide continuity to these special events. In the fall of 2012, we saw the chevron pattern take hold as the latest and greatest in wedding stationery designs. That has segued into other attractive motifs, and we’ve continued to see geometric patterns in designs (such as the honeycomb pattern) – the effect is certainly bold. Now that 2013 is well underway, we’re seeing three new stationery trends that really excite me: the die cut pattern, hot foil printing, and calligraphy. Read on to learn more about stationery trends in 2013.

Die cut patterns

Die cut invitations are all the rage and are probably the strongest direction we are seeing in stationery this year. As you can see below, die cut patterns range from the most romantic lace motifs to edgy modern bold typesets. Die cutting creates a 3D effect which adds to the visual interest and tactile feel of the various pieces to which it is applied. Die cut paper shapes are made using a steel cutting die. It can be used to punch out decorative shapes or patterns within a larger piece, or it can be used to create the primary shape by cutting the entire sheet of paper in a distinct way. The process is very similar to that used in creating letterpress designs. And needless to say, with as popular as die cut is this year, it is not reserved for invitations only! You will find it used in other paper products such as save-the-dates, table numbers, and even cake plateau edging, as seen below. Lovely, isn’t it?
Hot foil printing

The second trend that I’m seeing a lot of this year in stationery is hot foil printing. This technique is achieved by combining heat and pressure to the paper to create a letterpress look with added color. The designs are turned into a metal block that is headed to a certain temperature and then applied to the piece to create a foiled image pressed into the paper. Gold and silver seem to be the most popular colors this year which makes sense, since metallics are prominent in other areas of wedding decor. However, hot foiling is available in other colors as well!


Finally, and probably my favorite invitation trend this year, is the calligraphic design. We are seeing various scripted fonts in all forms of stationary, as shown in the example below. In a previous article, I told you that the Millennial generation is big on hosting and personalizing their weddings – so, creating a personal touch using handwritten calligraphic fonts is likely not too surprising! I’ve spoken with local calligraphers, and they too are seeing an increase in demand for their talent within our industry. Even I have jumped on the band wagon and recently purchased a Lamy fountain pen with which to write company thank you letters. Now I just have to remember how to hand write after years of typing on a keyboard!

As you know, trends come and go in this industry, and there are always some I’m glad to see arrive and others that I’m glad to see exit. I love the designs that I’m seeing in stationery this year and hope you are excited by them as well! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the hottest stationery trends of 2013.

Till next time, happy planning!