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how early should i order my wedding dress

Planning a wedding involves many different timelines, and can get a little chaotic if the timelines aren’t closely followed and deadlines met. In this post, we’re answering a common question brides come to their planners with: How early should I order my wedding dress?

Most wedding planners recommend ordering your wedding dress six months prior to your wedding. This may seem very early to you, but you likely aren’t considering all the different steps involved with finding the perfect gown and ensuring its exact fit. The process is much longer, and more detailed, than simply choosing a dress off the rack and being ready to walk down the aisle. Of course, there are some brides who opt for off-the-rack dresses to save both time and money, but it’s not the most common choice since most brides won’t be able to find their proper size in the style they want using that method.

To ensure you are able to wear the dress of your dreams on your wedding day, you should go shopping 9-10 months in advance of your wedding. This gives you 1-2 months to shop around and try on as many dresses as you wish before you actually place your order six months before the wedding. Most bridal gowns take up to six months for the manufacturer to create them in the ordered size and deliver them, although some can have a dress ready much quicker – especially if your size has already been made and is sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Once you receive your dress, it’s time to take it in for alterations. Most dresses need to be altered, as most people aren’t the same “dress size” in their bust, waist, and hips. Alterations can take 1-3 months depending on the number and complexity of alterations needed. Before you know it, the wedding will be here and you’ll need to slip into your dress and walk down the aisle. Most seamstresses will do 1-2 rounds of alterations and a final fitting, at which point you’ll sign off on the changes and leave with your dress.

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