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Wedding hangers have been trending for a few years now, especially since the popularity of DIY wedding decor. We’re talking about the hangers that say things in the wire, like “bride”, “groom”, or “bridesmaid”. They look great in the “getting ready” photos, and can be made for everyone in the bridal party, from the bride and groom to the mother of the bride. If you’re a wedding planner, they also make great gifts for your client; another way for you to add your personal touch. You can get them custom ordered, but they’re actually quite simple to DIY, and very inexpensive. If you want to learn about even more special wedding touches, take a look at QC Event School’s Wedding Planning course.


What You’ll Need:

14 gauge galvanized wire
Wire cutters
Needle nose pliers
Wooden hangers
Drill (choose a drill bit the size of your wire)
Strong glue
Pencil and paper

Step 1

Cut your wire to size. On average, you’ll need at least 10 to 12 inches of wire per letter. For example, if you’re making the word “Bride”, you’ll need about 60 inches of wire. More is always better!

Step 2

Determine how you want your letters to look using a pencil and paper. Look online for some inspiration, especially on etsy or Pinterest.

Step 3

Use your template as a guide to begin forming your letters. You can use your hands and the pliers as needed. Here’s a tip: Cover the needle nose pliers in masking tape to prevent them from scratching the wire. It can take a bit of practise to get it right, but as you go you’ll find a method that works for you. If you make a mistake or get a kink in the wire, toss it and start over – it’s not worth the effort.

Step 4

Drill two holes on the inside of the hanger, about half an inch in. Don’t go all the way through. Trim your wire to fit, if necessary.

Step 5

Put some glue in the holes and on your wire, then stick the wire in and give it plenty of time to dry. Voila!


Have you tried out this DIY? Let us know how you did in a comment below!