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March 1, 2013 3:43 pm

Bridal Shows

I’d like to talk about bridal shows today, since this is prime time for shows! In my own local market, we host several wedding shows, both big and small. The biggest one, and the one that appeals to the higher budget wedding, just recently took place. The show included booths exhibiting the work of 11 wedding planners, one of which was hosted by Kennedy Events. I wanted to highlight Shannon Kennedy’s booth for you today, since I think it’s a great example of what to do when you’re investing in wedding shows as part of your marketing plan.

In my opinion, Kennedy Event’s booth demonstrated six major considerations when designing a bridal show booth: current market trends, layout, show clientele, branding, consistency, and details. Let’s look at each!

Current market trends

Shannon’s booth both exhibits her knowledge of the upcoming trends as well as appeals to brides looking to feature some of them at their own wedding. This year, we’re seeing softer colors, elegant, luxurious weddings, gold metallics, and a bit of bling, and Shannon’s booth highlights all of these elements. By including these in her booth display, Shannon demonstrates to potential clients that she can represent them well in today’s ever-changing market.


Kennedy’s booth is laid out to welcome visitor traffic with two points of entry. There is ample space around the tablescape to encourage interaction with Shannon and her team. Visitors can also make their way around all the displays so they can see all the wonderful touches that have been included. The booth is uncluttered with just the right amount of details so there is no sensory overload, and just enough pretty to make us all take notice.


This particular bridal show appealed to a higher-end, urban clientele. Kennedy Event’s booth is positioned very well for this. It might not have worked nearly as effectively if it had been part of a DIY or rural show appealing to a smaller wedding budget or crafty bride.


When designing her booth, Shannon clearly focused not only on the above considerations, but also on remaining consistent with her brand. I hope I speak for Shannon in describing her sensibility as contemporary, romantic, lush, feminine, pretty, shimmery, and organized to a “T.” I could have walked up to this booth, without any signage, and known just whose booth it was. This is exactly what Shannon would have wanted since her branding distinguishes her from other planners exhibiting in the show and appeals to the best client for her!


This is a bit of a continuum of the above point. There is consistency within Kennedy’s booth that makes it present so effectively. Her color palette is consistent throughout, as is her style. There is enough variation to make it interesting but enough consistency to present a united display that pleases the eye. She is also very careful to use certain elements throughout like the gold shimmer on the stationary, candle holders, and individual cakes, just to name a few!


And lastly, the details. Shannon excelled here with lots of little touches that excite the senses! Crystal charger, stationery elements, stunning chair garlands, and fabric choices. Kennedy demonstrates to potential clients the ability to attend to the important detailed elements that will create a stunning wedding and one that is unique to each couple. And isn’t that exactly what they all want?

Choosing to exhibit in bridal shows is more than just renting a booth and having some promo materials printed up. For a wedding planner, it is an opportunity to showcase what we uniquely offer our clients. Kennedy Event’s booth is a fine example of what we can all do with an exceptional design, superior planning and execution.

My thanks to Shannon Kennedy and Melanie Rebane for allowing me to share these images with you today!

Till next time, happy planning!


Written by LynWedding planner Lynn Leen Lee

Lynn has over 10 years experience in the event and wedding planning industry. These days, she’s focusing her attention on her growing wedding planning business, Weddings Unveiled. Her weekly blog posts include business tips, wedding trends, and expert advice.