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March 4, 2013 4:18 pm

Ask the Expert: Wedluxe Magazine

Many wedding planners, myself included, look forward to the bi-annual editions of Wedluxe magazine. The magazine originates in Canada so its content is highly meaningful to this Canadian, and it often highlights the work of other colleagues whom we have gotten to know over the years. However, you can find similar magazines from all over the world! The buzz surrounding the current issue is unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Always stunning, this one is beyond that and truly showcases some of Canada’s best talent. I was floored and humbled as I turned the pages for the first time!

Now as you know, print media has had its tough times over the past few years, as demand for online content continues to grow. But Angela Desveaux, founder of Wedluxe, seems to have found the perfect niche in Canada by setting the bar high and choosing its content, vendors, and style very carefully. This allows them to preserve their luxe branding. Additionally, Wedluxe has an online presence in its website and blog. This helps to generate excitement around their brand and magazine so that their print sales continue to climb!

Like so many other wedding blogs, Wedluxe considers both real wedding and styled shoot submissions for its content. Styled shoots, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, and “mini wedding mock-ups” that allow professionals to highlight their talents. With our preferred team assembled, we are given an opportunity to dream big, to design without restrictions (well not as many anyway), and to showcase our individual styles. Ideas can stem from a particular colour palette, time of year, texture, shape, just about anything! The shoot itself, is usually completed in one day. Images captured include details of many of the most common wedding elements such as bridal styling, stationary, cake, tablescapes, and flowers (just to name a few).

Many wedding planners and photographers aspire to have their work accepted on the Wedluxe blog, but the real pinnacle is to see it on the pages of their magazine. One of the things that Wedluxe does every year (twice actually) is to open up an opportunity for its preferred vendors (or glitterati as we are termed) to submit a styled shoot for publication consideration. Each edition has a theme assigned to it and this current edition finds inspiration in the big screen and Hollywood glam. Using this theme, glitterati members have assembled and designed weddings that are simply unbelievable. As I flip the pages, I am still stunned by the incredible attention to detail found in every element of the shoots. Here are just a couple of examples of the work you’ll see:

  1. The Great Gatsby inspired shoot that features a giant floral peacock sculpture
  2. The Wizard of Oz’s wrought iron gate studded with a stunning multiple cake cascade and floral OZ monogram
  3. Let Them Eat Cake gold-gilded dessert table
  4. Shakespeare In Love’s deep crimson floral works that are beyond words

The winter/spring issue of Wedluxe, or any issue for that matter, really is worth the purchase if you work within the industry or are preparing to do so. After reading it, I walked away with two prominent feelings: the first was one of pride that the wedding industry continues to showcase the value that we provide to all of our clients through our hard work and creative talents. The second was one of awe and admiration knowing that I have much to learn from these masters. It’s really worth a look, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Written by LynnWedding planner Lynn Lee Lee

Lynn Lee has over 10 years experience in the event and wedding planning industry. These days, she’s focusing her attention on her growing wedding planning business, Weddings Unveiled. Her weekly blog posts include business tips, wedding trends, and expert advice.