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The Importance of Wedding Photography

Bride and groom lay in grass for artistic wedding photograph

There are many ways to spend a wedding’s budget, and many wedding planners spend lots of time debating exactly how one should be spent. Our argument? Don’t forget the importance of wedding photography. Yes, high quality photography can be expensive – but there’s really no point in spending the bulk of the budget on decor or apparel if you’re not going to get high quality pictures of the decor or apparel in action. That’s why, aside from decor, wedding photography should be one of your focuses when breaking down a wedding’s budget, and that of any event really.

A professional, experienced wedding photographer will get all the right shots, capture you and your partner at your best, and knows what they’re doing. We never advise anyone to take wedding photography into their own hands – it’s just not something that should be a DIY. If budget is an issue, there are many other ways to save. Consider toning down the reception and having a buffet-style dinner instead of plated. Consider offering a certain number of drinks included, and then switching to a cash bar. Perhaps you could save on venue or do some of the decor yourself. If you’re able to save a few hundred on your dress or the guys’ tuxes, you could re-allocate that money to photography.

Having stand-out photos will make for beautiful wedding albums, framed photos, and will give you something to look at for years to come. Sure, anyone can hold a camera – but not everyone knows how to adjust the camera’s settings to get the perfect amount of light, stay in focus, grab a shot at the perfect moment, or edit your photos without overdoing it. Not only that, but you don’t want to feel awkward or have a hundred photos in the same pose. A professional will get you talking, make you feel comfortable, get you to loosen up, and will be able to coach you on different poses, snap you during candid moments, and capture photos in high quality HD – the best option for editing and printing.

Bride taking photo at wedding

While you might want to grab some of your own shots during the day, and that’s okay, what fun would it be to spend your wedding day with a camera in hand? You can’t exactly photograph yourself saying your vows, dancing your first dance, or cutting the cake. And, what’s stopping Uncle Andy from accidentally putting his finger over the lens, blinding you with a bright camera flash, or taking an out-of-focus photograph? You only have one first dance. You only cut the cake for the first time once. You only have one chance to grab the perfect post-ceremony kiss photograph. An experienced photographer does this regularly. Uncle Andy could be so excited and emotional that he completely forgets about the camera!

If you’re not sure who to hire to be your photographer, there are plenty of options – and help – out there. Try sites such as Project Wedding, The Knot, and Wedding Wire for vendor listings in your area. Scour the classified ads and visit wedding shows – photographers are in no short supply. Whoever you choose to work with, we wish you the very best on your big day. Remember to soak it all in, spend time enjoying the fact that it’s your day, and leave the rest of the details to the professionals.

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