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Today we’re dreaming of…Sicily!

From the natural beauty of Mount Etna (where any adventure-seeker can hike to their heart’s delight) to the cultural gem of Palermo, Sicily is an exciting mix of the old and the new. We find that island culture is always a bit more interesting than its mainland counterparts, and Sicily is no different. When you go, make sure you check out the following attractions.

Have you ever been to Sicily?

1. Fontana Pretoria

In the heart of Palermo is this massive fountain, surrounded by historic churches and buildings. The circular fountain features several sculptures of nymphs who seem to be standing around, simply enjoying the day. It’s great spot to add some iconic pictures to your travel album.

2. Orto Botanico

Also in Palermo, you’ll enjoy explore all that this stunning garden has to offer. Think the beauty and wonder of The Secret Garden… if it were set in a tropical paradise. The roots of the fig trees emerge from the ground in impressive patterns (as seen above), and the indoor greenhouses are flanked by interesting bottle trees and outdoor fountains. Make sure to visit during the day – as darkness comes, so do the bugs!

3. Teatro Massimo

Take in some culture at the magnificent Teatro Massimo. Even if opera and ballet aren’t your things, we still suggest a guided tour of this 116 year-old building – it’s open to the public for tours four times a day from Tuesday to Saturday.

4. Castle at Mussomeli

The province of Caltanissetta is peppered with old castles, but this one is probably the most spectacular – a castle perched atop a craggy rock in Sicily’s mainland. Once you’ve taken your gorgeous panoramic snapshots, take a look inside: grand halls, dungeons, and chapels are among the treasures you’ll find. The castle is surrounded by ruins from empires past.