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Top Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer

Are you the kind of person who loves to keep things neat and tidy? Do you take neatness a step further to create efficiencies wherever you can? You probably have what it takes to be a professional organizer! In fact, if you find yourself itching to organize not just your own stuff, but your friends’ stuff too, you might be perfect for the job.

The professional organizing industry is booming. People are taking on more jobs and projects, giving them less time to stay organized at home. Television shows like “Hoarders” have also made hiring a professional organizer realistic and even kind of trendy (but fingers crossed that you won’t have to wade your way through 100 years of newspapers to shake your client’s hand)! Starting a professional organizing career has never been so lucrative and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.

Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer Hoarding

Besides being a trendy, solid, and profitable career choice, here are the top five perks of becoming a professional organizer!

1. Do something you’re passionate about

Do you genuinely enjoy keeping things neat and tidy in your spare time? Do you find yourself itching to organize public places better? As much as people might tease you about your cleanliness, you can actually build a successful career based on your organizational habits.

The best careers are ones that concentrate on what you’re already passionate about, and your love for coordination might be the perfect motivation to start profiting from what you actually love doing.

Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer Files

2. Help other people

Lack of organization can actually consume a person’s life and limit what they achieve in their day to day routine. Whether it’s their home, their finances, or simply their shoe closet, regaining control is often stressful and time consuming without some guidance.

This is where professional organizers can save the day. You can do more for a person than just organize their closet nicely or help them get a few financial records in order. In extreme cases, you might actually save someone from becoming so overwhelmed by disorganization that their job or personal relationships suffer. Teach your financially struggling client a better way to organize his credit card statements so that due dates are met and interest charges aren’t incurred. Your advice might help him climb out of debt. Help a client with a set of twins and a set of triplets under the age of 5 develop a system to color code, wash, dry, fold, sort, and store her family’s laundry efficiently so it doesn’t overwhelm her home and consume her entire week. Professional organizers do more than just make things look tidy; you will actually make a difference in people’s lives.

Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer Closet

3. Do fulfilling work

When you play a role in pulling someone out of disorganization, you do more than just help them. You’re also helping yourself feel fulfilled by your career. No matter what kind of client you work with, you’ll feel rewarded at the end of each contract because you’ll see noticeable results. That basement is now a working home office rather than the alarming cave of mysteries it was a week ago.

Professional organizers take action and achieve things. Even if your goal that day is simply to get the closet under control before you move onto the dressers, you’ll always have something to work towards.

4. Gain useful skills

Professional organizers are problem solvers. You’ll be presented with a new set of hurdles each time you start a contract. Your challenge will be to adapt your skills to meet that client’s needs. Contracts that use your past experiences but require some adjustment will teach you the most because this is where you’ll evolve your knowledge and develop new tricks and techniques.

Perhaps there’s a space efficient but “out of the box” way to store the bottles of vintage wine your client has left sitting in heavy, dusty crates for the past 30 years? Your skills are also helpful outside of your work day. The better you become at coordinating objects and information, the more organized you’ll be able to keep your own life and space.

Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer useful skills

5. Control over your career

Professional organizers can work their jobs in different ways. If you like order and working as part of a team, for example, you might work for a company that specializes in interior decor and design services. Other design professionals might be experienced in making the space look gorgeous, but you’ll help make it functional as well.

If you are willing to risk less structure in order to take more direct control of your career, you might work as a freelancer or small business owner. Evaluate your needs when it comes to scheduling and consider whether you have the necessary skills to provide independent services that will turn a profit.

Perks of Becoming a Professional Organizer

Professional organizing is the kind of career that teaches you valuable life skills while you help others and make a living. It’s also a satisfying option for people who enjoy problem solving, achieving goals, and taking full advantage of the space around them.

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