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Trade Shows for Design Professionals

In any industry, attending tradeshows is a great idea. They are an opportunity to network with other professionals, discover new vendors and suppliers, keep up with the latest trends, and advance your training. They can also be a lot of fun! Tradeshows are a break from the norm that educate and inspire design professionals.

Attending local tradeshows stimulates the local industry and encourages healthy competition and better support between colleagues. Attending tradeshows nationally and internationally provides insight into how things are done elsewhere and how you might adjust your own design strategies to benefit your clients. It also sheds light on what you’re doing right. Finally, international tradeshows are an amazing travel opportunity! Here are some tradeshows from around the world that exemplify how different and exciting design showcases can be.

Interior Design Show West, Vancouver

Tradeshows in Vancouver

The Interior Design Show West, based in Vancouver, Canada showcases vendors, ideas, and trends from around the world, with emphasis on North America and the Vancouver industry itself. The show displays vendors that provide high quality products, well-known figures within the local and international industry, and even a few celebrity guests. Vendors use the show as an opportunity to unveil exclusive looks at their latest products, giving professionals a peek of upcoming trends before they hit the market. Attendees can also learn from leading experts during a variety of lectures and presentations. This annual tradeshow is designed specifically for professional attendees.

The London Design Festival, London

Tradeshows in London

The London Design Festival in London, England, is an annual festival designed to show the world what the London industry is capable of. Open to professionals from all over the world, the festival offers a series of lectures, product showcases, and artistic installments created by local designers. Attendees are encouraged to experience rather than observe. While vendors and professionals from around the world are invited to take part, the emphasis of the show is to let people see the talent and innovation stemming from London specifically. Attendees are encouraged to network and conduct business, but an air of celebration is maintained throughout. Featuring award presentations, lectures, project showcases, and business events put on by hundreds of partners, this show is a great opportunity for design professionals to expose themselves to how diverse, innovative, and influential the people around them can be.

Own Home, Helsinki

The Own Home tradeshow in Helsinki, Finland, is one of the biggest and most diverse tradeshows in the area. The show focuses on homebuilding and renovation, letting an audience of industry professionals and public attendees discover expert methods of remaking and rejuvenating their spaces. Attendees are encouraged to learn from notable guest speakers and suppliers and to share knowledge with each other in order to improve everyone’s renovation and homebuilding experiences.

Room + Style, Dresden

Tradeshows in Dresden

The Room + Style show in Dresden, Germany is an annual, publicly accessible event intended to showcase how fashion, lifestyle, and interior design are related. The show is exceptionally stylish, with exhibitors displaying products related to fashion, interior decoration, home accessorizing, and general wellbeing and lifestyle. Regardless of whether they are professionals in the industry or merely curious homeowners, attendees are given insight into upcoming trends that might influence their personal, professional, and home lifestyles throughout the year. They are also provided with great deals on furniture and accessories from suppliers that might not otherwise sell directly to the public. Design professionals can benefit both personally and professionally at this show by paying attention to what the people around them are most impressed by.

Mobitex, Brno

The Mobitex showcase in Brno, Czech Republic is an annual international fair that showcases furniture styles and design techniques from around the world. Suppliers of furniture and home furnishing products travel from international locations to exhibit their goods, and Czech vendors are included to give foreign attendees a taste of the local style and talent. The tradeshow is accessible to the public as well as professionals, encouraging networking and education. Professionals can gain an international perspective on upcoming trends while public attendees become informed about their home furnishing options from a very professional source.

IFFT interiorlifestyleliving, Tokyo

Tradeshows in Tokyo

The IFFT interiorlifestyle living tradeshow in Tokyo, Japan is an annual event thrown specifically for design professionals. It is Tokyo’s largest event of its kind, boasting innovative and design-oriented exhibitions that introduce professionals to new trends from around the world. Suppliers showcase their most unique products for interior decoration, accessorizing, and lifestyle, presenting options and ideas for both indoor and outdoor design. Professionals are encouraged to network with representatives from retail chains, wholesalers, and boutiques that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with so closely.

Salone di Firenze, Florence

The Salone di Firenze exhibition in Florence, Italy is an annual showcase that is open to public and professional visitors alike. It focuses on presenting both modern and classic furniture styles and ways to accessorize spaces according to the furnishings. Additionally, exhibitors are encouraged to show products that serve a functional purpose in the home rather than just a decorative one, including the latest trends in lighting and flooring. To make sure visitors balance work and leisure, this tradeshow also boasts specialty food tastings, free workshops on design related topics (as well as some fun ones that aren’t directly related), contemporary art exhibitions, and performances by musical guests. Visitors benefit from the professional development opportunities while still making time to enjoy the local Italian culture.

Boutique Design New York, New York

Tradeshows in New York

Based in New York City, Boutique Design New York is an annual fair that focuses on design aspects of the hospitality and leisure industry. It features boutique spaces created from the latest and most innovative design styles, as well as galleries displaying current trends in artwork, accessories, bathroom spaces, fabrics and furnishings, lighting and wall coverings, and flooring and carpet options. Public and professional attendees are invited to observe and experience the design elements that make hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships impressive and appealing. They’re also encouraged to network with the innovators behind each unique piece and style. When they’re finished networking for the day, guests can kick back and socialize in sitting areas of all styles, created by local design visionaries.

World of Furniture, Sofia

The World of Furniture showcase in Sofia, Bulgaria is an annual tradeshow that welcomes professional and public visitors to witness innovative furniture designs created by Bulgarians, as well as other exhibitors from around the world. The intent of the show is to provide local design professionals and homeowners the opportunity to interact with suppliers from both Bulgaria and elsewhere. Hotel and restaurant owners also take part, as the exhibitions showcase interior decorating and design elements that will interest all types of clients and businesses.

National Women’s Show, Ottawa

Tradeshows in Ottawa

The National Women’s Show in Ottawa, Canada is a biannual fair that welcomes professionals and public audiences. This exhibition is actually intended to showcase products and services that might specifically interest women or relate to their professional endeavors, so it boasts content related to far more than just the design industry. Even so, it’s a great opportunity for local and foreign professionals who want a particular insight into what interests women today. The show exemplifies how interior decorating and design elements relate closely to other aspects of clients’ lives, as well as their likes and dislikes. Besides interior decorating and home furnishings, attendees can check out displays about cooking, fashion, beauty, and health and wellness.

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